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UK Business Guides

Welcome to our business guides hub, where you can find a series of detailed guides that cover various topics on starting, buying, and selling a business in the UK.

We understand that for most people, this decision will only happen once in their life. That’s why we’ve created carefully researched content that will boost your confidence and help you through your journey.

No matter what route you’re taking, our business guides have three purposes: to inspire, support, and educate. Whether you need advice on buying, selling, or starting any business, we cover every step of the process.

Seller's Guides

For most people, selling a business will be a once in a lifetime event. You will, therefore, need to do your research to find out how best to do this. The more time you put into finding out about the process, the better prepared you will be for the challenge ahead.

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Buyer's Guides

It can be overwhelming to begin the process of buying a business. That’s why we have put together guides to help you get started. Get to know where to look and how to narrow down your choice.

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Franchise Guides

If you’re thinking of buying a franchise, our franchise hub will offer you support, advice and industry knowledge so you can make a decision you’re confident with. This journey will be a significant part of your life, so our guides will help you understand the nuances of franchising, and what to expect.

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Start-Up Guides

Our start-up guides are dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of owning a business. No matter what sector you’re interested in, we’ll have a guide that covers the core foundations of starting your business, from registration, tax obligations, marketing and more.

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M&A Guides

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are pursued by businesses across the UK. They are common transactions, but they require meticulous planning, preparation, and funding. Our guides cover the process, including what to expect from the buy and sell-side of M&A.

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If you are struggling with anything when it comes to buying or selling a business, why not see whether any of the answers you need are in our Questions and Answer guide. Here, you should find anything that hasn’t been answered in any of the other guides.

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