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Confectionery franchises in the UK

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Like the idea of running your own fun and fantastic chocolate cafe? If you have a sweet-tooth, love chocolate and have a passion for providing a great service, we want to hear from you. Min. Investment: £25,000
Auntie Anne's

Auntie Anne's

The world’s largest soft pretzel brand. Sell handcrafted, freshly baked products from a prominent retail location with high footfall. Min. Investment: £50,000


Bru is on a committed journey to evolve the coffee shop culture for generations to come.
Snack In The Box

Snack In The Box

The UK’s number one vending franchise offering vending solutions to workplaces across the UK.

Franchise Spotlight: Confectionary

Brits certainly have a sweet tooth - so here's our handy guide on why you should invest in the confectionary sector!

Entrepreneurs who are keen to capitalise on this market can benefit by working under popular and established brand names.

About the industry

The confectionary sector is a growing market, with total revenue at £2,216 million and annual growth forecast at 3% from 2018 to 2021. 

The largest and fastest-growing sector within the confectionary market is chocolate products, with 95% of Brits eating chocolate within the last six months.

Confectionary is a good fit for franchising as it is a fast-moving, consumer goods business benefitting from a strong brand image as well as being very easy to run.

Confectionary franchises suit owners who have a passion for running a retail business and an eye for new emerging products.

The confectionary business is one that can – and must – adapt to change in customer habits. 

With customers now moving towards increased snacking and away from three rigid meals a day, confectionery works by supplementing busier working and social lives.

Pick-n-mix of opportunities

There are a few choices you should make before choosing a confectionary franchise opportunity, do you want to be operating as a wholesaler who imports and ships out products? Or would you prefer to be a retailer selling to local customers?

The greatest value of confectionary franchising is in its depth of coverage – a franchise owner can run their own sweet shop, sell handmade gourmet chocolates or even supply shopping malls selling a variety of self-serve products like those run by Street Corner.

You should research what type of business model would be the best fit for your skills and aspirations.

Here are a variety of franchise opportunities within the confectionery sector:

  • Chocolate franchise opportunities will provide chocolatiers a chance to tap into a fast-growing market, with cocoa products outperforming all other confectionary goods.

    You also have the chance to operate under well-known high street brands, such as Thorntons or luxury chocolate store Hotel Chocolat.

    Remember, being a fast-growing market means you are likely to be up against more competition. 
  • Sweet shops and candy stores are a great business opportunity as this stock has a long shelf-life.

    As well as the contemporary pick-n-mix style stores, there are also old-fashioned, traditional sweet stores, such as the Mr. Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe franchise.

    Your main competition in the sweet sector are the supermarkets, who also offer convenient and cheap confectionary products. 
  • Ice cream parlours, frozen yoghurtand gelato stands are also a popular business to run within the confectionary market.

    With Brits spending approximately £1.1billion a year on ice cream, well-loved brands such as Mr. Whippy and Ben and Jerry’s offer entrepreneurs the chance to operate under an established brand.

    In this industry you should consider whether you prefer to operate out of a van, vending machine or ice cream parlour.
  • Baked goods such as patisseries, donut stores, waffle, cake or pretzel shops can also provide entrepreneurs with a lucrative franchise within the confectionary sector.

    Britain is a country of baking buffs, with programmes such as The Great British Bake-off taking the nation by storm.

    Franchise opportunities include Dunkin’ Donuts, Cinnabon, and Wafflemeister, which can also benefit from high profit through accompanying hot beverage sales.
  • Vending machine snack franchise opportunities will suit those entrepreneurs that don’t have the time or capital to run a retail store.

    It is also a low-cost way to break into the confectionary sector.

    Snack-in-the-box is a business opportunity offered by Mars and boasts to be the UK’s top vending franchise. 
  • Online confectionary and wholesale franchises is another low-risk opportunity to break into the confectionary market without needing the capital to own or rent a physical premise.

    Tasty Tubs is a franchise opportunity that offers own brand and imported sweets in bulk to large and small confectionary retailers.