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diddi dance

diddi dance

A fun and funky preschool dance class franchise. diddi dance is seeking entrepreneurs to spread the brand and bring in further success. Min. Investment: £4,995
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Go-Kart Party

Go-Kart Party

Go-Kart Party has the UK’S largest network of mobile go kart business owners and is the UK’S ONLY established, proven go-kart franchise. Min. Investment: £14,000
Active Future

Active Future

Active Future is one of the UK’s fastest growing Franchise Networks. We’ve built the best ecosystem of products in the marketplace, allowing you to reach your fullest potential.


Build your business at a pace that suits you, part- or full-time. Enjoy a high ROI business of your own while also having the freedom that comes from your perfect work-life balance. Min. Investment: £28,000


The perfect business for people seeking fun, strong returns and flexible working hours.
Fun Fest For Children

Fun Fest For Children

Learn more about this flexible children’s franchise.
The Creation Station

The Creation Station

Achieve freedom & flexibility running your own award winning and rewarding children art & crafts activity business. Min. Investment: £6,000
Progressive Sports

Progressive Sports

A sports coaching franchise giving access to high quality Physical Education and Sport to children in the private and public sector. Min. Investment: £7,950
Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries

Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries

Our brisk growth, along with our drive for excellence elevates our position in the market and makes us the perfect partner for anyone looking to join the nursery group of choice. Min. Investment: £150,000

Franchise Spotlight: Child’s Leisure

A business that's fun and flexible!

Finding the right franchise

Before Claudio Galdes became a Go Kart Party franchisee, he had done several things.

He had been a musician for many years and had also been a driving instructor.

When he was looking at what to choose as his next venture, there were a few things that he prioritised in order to narrow down the choices.

His priorities were that he could have a lot of free time but still be able to earn the money that other 9 to 5 jobs paid. This seems like an impossible ask but Galdes managed to find the answer: buying a Go Kart Party franchise. 

It was the perfect franchise for him because he wanted to be able to spend time with his children and family and, while he is busy over the weekends, during the week, he spends a couple of hours doing marketing and admin and then the rest of the day is his to do with as he pleases.

Go Kart Party is a company that provides go-karts for kids’ entertainment that can be set up in almost any location, which makes it an easy franchise to buy as you don’t need a specific location. The go-karts are easy to use and battery operated.

What skills do you have?

Galdes’ experience as a driving instructor has given him some great skills that can be transferred to helping the kids operate the go-karts.

As a musician, Galdes is used to entertaining people and creating a good atmosphere for the parties. 

Galdes liked working with kids and this was a prerequisite for this franchise as the parties are for children from ages four to nine.

“Most of my work comes on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday.” 

During the week, Galdes says that:

“A typical day involves answering the phone, answering emails, sorting out marketing and advertising, so, maybe, two or three hours in a day and that could be it.”

This is one of the huge advantages of Go Kart Party. It is not usual that business owners are able to fit their business around their commitments, but franchisees are able to do with this particular franchise.

Galdes says, “I only do weekends and I could do four, five, six parties and earn as much as someone doing a full week.”

Finding a quality product

It is important to Galdes that the go-karts that he received along with the franchise package were robust and good quality and this is what he found he was offered with Go Kart Party.

Go Kart Party franchisors release new and improvised go-karts periodically and so, as a franchisee you are able to stay competitive.

Something that works in Galdes’s favour is also that the territories of the franchisees are protected so that you won’t have to compete with other Go-Kart party franchisees. These territories are specific areas that Go Kart Party ensures will not have more than one Go Kart Party franchisee operating in.

And, at the moment, he has found that there are not really any other companies that compete with the service that he is able to offer, which means that nobody is competing with his prices. 


The key though, Galdes says, is marketing. You need to be able to market your business if you want to get a lot of bookings. Despite the fact that he himself is not great at marketing, the business has low overheads and so he says, “If I don’t have any parties, I don’t have any bills.” 

For him, he has been able to find a business that is fun and lucrative at the same time.