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Success Story: Selling a London Park Cafe

The quaint Pistachios in the Park saw a significant response from buyers

Elizabeth Cooper was the proud owner of Pistachios in the Park, a lifestyle café that has been established in East Greenwich Pleasaunce for 12 years. Pistachios in the Park is a coffee shop franchise located in Green Flag parks across London, Surrey and South East England.

Elizabeth, fondly known as ‘Lizzie’, brought cheerfulness and colour into her café. Visitors were greeted with soft-pink menu boards, fairy lights and fresh air. She didn’t just provide her customers with delicious crepes and baguettes but strived to foster a community of friends and families.

“I started the café from scratch. I loved it and it was cute, and I made a lot of friends over the years. I loved all of the customers. I miss it a lot”. To relish in these memories, Lizzie began writing down her conversations and experiences with customers, which she has now turned into a book.


But as all good things come to an end, Lizzie decided to sell Pistachios in the Park to pursue new dreams and move to Tonbridge Wells to be with her fiancé.

“There comes a time when you find interest in doing something else – you want to work on another dream”. Lizzie chose to sell her business, and found the process easy, economical and straightforward. gave Lizzie an opportunity to sell privately and manage the sale. She knew what elements of her business would be appealing to buyers and having authority over her marketing strategies led to a significant response. Even though the pandemic negatively impacted the buying and selling market, a total of 177 buyers were interested in her business! This significant response proves that was an effective platform for Lizzie to market her business on, giving her access to the exposure her business deserved.

Park cafes are a popular sector, especially in summer! Whether you want to sit in the sun with a cocktail or treat your family to an ice-cream on the weekends, a market that includes fresh air, trees and food will always be an attractive sector to buy into.

Megan Kelly

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