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Success Story: Selling Four Businesses on

“ has been a part of my business strategy for many years,” says Elnety Fernandes.

As we continue sharing the success stories of sellers, buyers and franchisors, we turn our attention to a successful businessman we met at The Business Show.

Elnety Fernandes is an experienced restauranteur with a proven track record of achievements with major market leaders in the hospitality industry. He has an impressive portfolio of titles, including a business consultant, head of operations, regional manager, and managing director!

When he was at university in London, he wanted to find ways to do things on his own. He began to build businesses and create their brand strategically, ensuring they reach their peak before he put them onto the market. Now, Fernandes’s objective is to provide profitable businesses to passionate individuals or investors.

“I’ve always wanted to do something using my own expertise and mindset. That’s why I build businesses to their peak and sell them when they are profitable. I repeat this cycle, and has been a part of my business strategy for many years,” says Fernandes.

Elnety Fernandes


Fernandes explains that he has used for many years and has sold four businesses through the site in this time. He initially used the site to analyse what the market had to offer.

“It’s a very proactive website. You get email notifications to notify you of the ebb and flow of the market, and it tailors this communication to what you’re looking for and what matches your criteria,” says Fernandes.

Fernandes lists multiple reasons why is different:

Bespoke offering

“I obviously use competitor sites, but the difference is that is very bespoke. The entire process is simple: uploading pictures, the registration process, the business valuation, and the final product going on sale. You can also take advantage of the massive database of potential buyers and sellers,” Fernandes explains.

Consistent support

Fernandes also commends the support that offers.

“The follow up is fantastic. You receive emails and phone calls from your account manager to discuss any further requirements. The support is consistent - from the back office to the end product to finalising the sale,” says Fernandes.

Growing and evolving

Fernandes explains that he has used for about 10 years and has noticed that the site has evolved significantly. He says that the user journey is seamless, and the site offers any potential investor or seller – regardless of their experience – an opportunity to join the market.

“I’ve noticed that is more focused on building relationships with clients and working to our advantage and unique needs. It gives you different products to choose from and you can pick and choose data that matches what you need,” Fernandes explains.

Fernandes’s advice to business owners looking to sell their business

  • Selling a business essentially means you’re selling part of yourself – something you’ve created. So, you want to make sure you pass it on to someone that will take care of it. A buyer and seller need to have chemistry, and a relationship needs to be built.
  • You need to know what the challenges are in your business, and you need to get an accurate valuation to represent your enterprise’s worth to the market.
  • Until you are satisfied with the condition of your business, your advertising content, and valuation, do not go to market. If you have too many unanswered questions, you might lose the sale.

We’d like to thank Fernandes for taking the time to connect with us, and we are delighted we could support you!

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