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Travel franchises in the UK

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The Travel Franchise

The Travel Franchise

Franchisees of The Travel Franchise can enjoy all the benefits of working from home, coupled with the opportunity for global travel. Min. Investment: £9,995
World Options

World Options

Earn a residual income from home with an online World Options franchise, providing services for businesses through their portal. Min. Investment: £35,000

Franchise Spotlight: Travel

A travel franchise provides an opportunity for business people to venture into the industry in partnership with recognised brands.

You may believe that your humble travel agency has been made obsolete following the rise of the internet. 

However, many travel entrepreneurs have turned this to their advantage and now, there are even highly profitable travel franchises available for you to invest in.

The role of the travel franchise is to plan and organise holidays on behalf of travellers. Since you are buying into an established model that has proven systems and features, you can place your trust in what you are selling to your clients and that the day-to-day running of the franchise is already a well-oiled machine.

Along with having a passion for geography, travel and for an online or office-based working environment, you must still have excellent customer service skills to ensure that you can continue to move the franchise forward to it's highest potential.

One notable advantage of purchasing a franchise is that it has a high chance of success compared to a stand-alone hosting agency

Some of the clearer differences between a hosting agency and a franchised travel agency are:

  • Commission: usually, the franchisee enjoys 100% commission while the hosting agency splits it 50/50 between the independent agent and the host. However, as a franchisee you pay monthly or annual fees to the franchisor.
  • Accreditation: It depends on the policy of the franchisor. Some travel franchisors require users to acquire their accreditation. Hosting agencies use the host's accreditation number.
  • The brand: the franchisee uses a recognised brand while a host creates and builds its brand. It takes a long time to transform an ordinary business name into a brand. Travel franchises use the franchisors name while others co-brand with the franchisor.

The Structure of the Travel Franchise

Startup Cost

The initial cost of purchasing a travel franchise is more than that of setting up a hosting agency.

Such agencies are divided into those that require a start-up fee lower than 11,000 (home-based agencies) and those that need a fee of 30,000-39,000 (office-based agencies).

With this however, you are provided with the products including package holidays and contacts to various airlines and accommodations.


Most of the systems are already laid out for you as a franchisee, so you don't need to spend time on research and development as most business decisions are already made.

Your marketing strategies and business protocols are also laid out, which relieves you of a considerable burden of responsibility.

Working Environment

Travel franchises take on a more structured setting. While you have the freedom to make decisions, they have to be aligned with the systems and policies used by the franchisor. Some business owners find it a little prohibitive on creativity as they can't wake up and act on a major new idea. For others, the policies provide security and stability.

Finding the Right Travel Franchise

Running a successful franchise relies on the kind of business you choose. If the franchisor has not dedicated adequate time to determine an ideal franchise model, problems may trickle down to your business system. 

If you are looking for flexibility, it is worth researching a home-based travel franchise such as The Travel Franchise, which offers a set-up at home plus the opportunity to travel around the world.

Travel franchises are able to offer you a model that can fit your lifestyle and level of ambition.

Whether you are looking for the chance to run your own office floor or part-time from home; you are able to enjoy the excitement of being part of the beginning of people’s holidays and adventures, whilst also being your own boss.