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Recruitment franchises in the UK

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Driver Hire

Driver Hire

Run a successful recruitment business with Driver Hire where average net profit levels for the network annually exceed £140,000. Min. Investment: £60,000
Get Ahead

Get Ahead

Get Ahead offers an exciting franchise opportunity to run a readymade business in a box to anyone who loves managing people. Min. Investment: £1,000
Recruiting Hub

Recruiting Hub

Franchises across the UK are ready for you to join us today! Min. Investment: £15,000
Safehands Recruitment

Safehands Recruitment

Own a specialist recruitment business and capitalise on the ever-growing demand for healthcare staff with Safehands Recruitment. Min. Investment: £12,000
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Additional Resources

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MatchPoint consultants provide education & consultation services to find the ideal franchise & franchisor candidates in the UK marketplace.

Franchise Spotlight: Recruitment

If you have a background in sales, management or customer service, recruitment franchises offer a compelling route into this sector.

The recruitment sector is a fast-paced industry, growing rapidly and has been for decades.

Technology has changed the job searching landscape. We now have general job websites, dedicated/trade websites, social media and more.

However, the service delivered by a recruitment consultant will always be more tailored and personal than that offered by a website. And in any case, a consultant will likely advertise on the many sites like Jooble to start the ball rolling.

On the other hand, it’s highly competitive with start-ups emerging regularly in a bid to gain a foothold.

Offering a recognised brand, proven processes and longstanding relationships with employers, recruitment franchises are an appealing alternative if you’re happy to follow a tried and tested formula.

Sector overview

  • Recruitment franchisees can benefit from proven processes and bespoke systems for lead generation, appointment scheduling, customer relationship management (CRM) and more
  • The industry generally is a low overhead model with potential for many repeat customers
  • Some franchises are generalists; others specialise in specific sectors such as logistics, healthcare, accountancy or executive search
  • The sector generated £32.2bn revenue in 2017 – 87.6% from temporary and contract recruitment (£ and 12.4% (£4bn) through permanent placements (Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC))

The UK recruitment sector has flourished courtesy of the UK’s dynamic, liberalised jobs market where temporary and contract positions have proliferated.

Franchises will likely be in the vanguard in deployment of further innovations in areas like data analytics, social media tools, and artificial intelligence.

Is a recruitment franchise for me?

As a franchisee, you’ll be expected to coordinate and motivate a team of recruitment professionals in a fast-paced, sales-orientated environment.

You’ll need to monitor and measure performance against targets, reallocate resources and arrange training. You must also be confident in using and exploiting a variety of digital platforms.

As you are expected to deliver the right candidate in a certain time frame, you must be able to work in a pressurised environment. You must also be efficient and well organised to cope with the constantly evolving database of jobs and jobseekers and manage a schedule of interviews and sales calls.

The franchisor will usually expect you to have a background in sales, management or customer service – but not necessarily recruitment.

The structure of recruitment franchises

Mindful of the growing demand for its services, 824 new businesses entered the recruitment sector in 2017 – a 20% increase on 2016 – according to Companies House.

However, few will flourish to the same extent as long-established franchises with hard-won reputations.

In a competitive arena, a recruitment franchise gives you a reputable brand name to trade under, comprehensive training in areas like sales, marketing and interviewing candidates as well as ongoing support in drafting contracts, processing time sheets and invoices, contract financing and debt collection.

You should also benefit from proven processes and bespoke systems for marketing, lead generation, appointment scheduling and CRM.

Franchises also benefit from having the experience and financial muscle to invest in a clear web presence and regular marketing campaigns.

Driver Hire are a franchise who recruit drivers and logistics staff on behalf of multi-national freight companies, builders’ merchants, parcel carriers and local authorities.

Prima Ardelle Associates offer a Monday to Friday, 9-5 model with an option to work from home. This makes this kind of franchise appealing to candidates prioritising a work-life balance.

The recruitment franchise sector offers a clear route involving reasonable hours and flexibility, but also requires certain skills and experience in either sales or managerial work.

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