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This is a large sector that has a wide range of businesses most obvious of which are farms. Another significant portion of businesses in this sector are agricultural supply businesses. It can be helpful when selling a business in this industry to reach a wide audience which is why it is ideal to list it here. We currently have 41 agricultural businesses for sale.


Engineering, as a category, encompasses anything from technology to electrical services. The intellectual property or skills are often valuable when it comes to businesses in this sector. At the moment, there are 242 businesses for sale in this category.

Franchise Resales

Buying an already existing franchise that is for sale will prove to be more expensive than a brand new one. However, you will be stepping into a functioning business that is already generating money. You will get the usual benefits of a franchise along with a proven a track record.


This category covers anything that offers services that can be considered as leisure activities. Camping, wedding venues, holiday resorts and art galleries are just a few of the sectors coved here. It’s encouraging to know that leisure spending in the UK continues to grow no matter the economy.


The retail category is another one that is packed with options for potential business buyers. The options range from online and brick and mortar, to beauty salons and vending machines. The retail industry is vital to the UK economy and, as a seller, you are bound to find someone who wants to invest in a business in this sector.


This is one of the strongest sectors in the UK and has steadily been gaining a larger portion of the GDP over the years. This is also a sector that employs the highest number of people. Because of its success, this sector will remain popular if you are buying or selling a business. Currently we have 3866 businesses listed in this category.

Tech & Media

Internet and advertising are the areas in this sector that are predicted to lead growth. Virtual reality and e-sports are also going to be making a big splash in the UK over the next few years. If you have a business in this sector, keep on top of trends and reap the rewards.

Wholesale & Distribution

This industry is a complicated one with an important role to play for thousands of businesses in the UK. This sector keeps evolving and businesses that can adapt are most likely to succeed.

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