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How I Sold my Pub and Campsite

This pub in Wales was in high demand with potential buyers- find out more here.

Maggie Harding was the owner of a successful pub and campsite in North Wales- The Crown Inn. The beautiful location and multiple sources of income made the business an attractive option for anyone who was looking for a lifestyle change.

After running the business for four and a half years, a change in circumstances- health issues in the family and her sons moving away- meant that Maggie decided to sell the business. Knowing the business inside and out meant that she felt she was the best person to find the right buyer.


While there are specialist estate agents that market pubs, The Crown In was something unique and handing the sale over to a broker, seemed to Maggie, would see her business get lost in the ether of the hundreds of pubs that were for sale.

That was when she was recommended by an estate agent that she knew.

Using the site gave Maggie the chance to upload her own marketing material and control the sale. This was particularly helpful because of the unique combination of pub and campsite in the business. Maggie needed a vehicle to advertise her business but was confident that she was the best person for closing the sale, which is why was such a good option for her.

Another attractive option for Maggie was that advertising on the site was also an economical choice that was easy to use. The sign-up process was straightforward and whenever she needed any help it was easy to get through customer services and her account manager.

An impressive response

Maggie was bowled over at the response that she got to her advertisement. The advert got around 23000 views, 350 click-throughs and about 20 real enquiries and visits to see the business in person. Maggie felt that being in control of the sale was beneficial as she knew what made it appealing to buyers.

The sale took six months from start to finish. While she accepted an offer in the first wave of interest, she kept the advert active just in case the offer fell through and in that time, she realized she could have sold the business four times over. There were even people who were ready to offer cash for the high-quality business that she was selling.

Great timing and good valuation

The timing of the sale turned out to be great as lots of people went through the first lockdown and decided that a lifestyle business in Wales was preferable to being in the city. While the Pandemic could have been bad news for business owners looking to sell, the nature of the business made it a prime investment for anyone looking to change their lifestyle. The business was also valued well which made it stand out among similar businesses.

Staycations are popular and the campsite that is attached to the pub will be the perfect attraction for many people looking for a summer holiday spot. Buyers were keen to take advantage of this and advertising on gave Maggie a way to reach these buyers!

Anthea Taylor

About the author

Anthea Taylor is Content Producer at Dynamis and writes for all titles in the Dynamis stable including, and as well as other industry publications.