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High Profit & Cashflow E-commerce Business In Canary Wharf For Sale

Canary Wharf, London, UK
Asking Price:
£1M - £5M
Net Profit:
£250K - £500K

You are reading this listing for either of two reasons:

1. You want to acquire a business that generates about 6(maybe 7) figures in revenue with high profitability, or

2. You are just looking for a highly profitable business, and this just caught your eye.

If you are reading this for any of these reasons(or both), then you need to understand something…

Buying a business implies putting down a ton of cash upfront before you realize any profits.

And keeping the business afloat could be harder than swimming with lead weights tied tightly to your ankles.

Even the Harvard Business Review notes that 70% – 90% of acquisitions fail.

But what if you could get a business that guarantees you make this sort of revenue(6 to 7 figures) while doing an exponentially less amount of work?

Wouldn’t that be a game-changer for you?

It certainly was for them…

“I’m really happy I found Trend Hijacking and joined their Done-for-you E-commerce Partnership. Before that, I was struggling to get by with my former job, and when I found them, I had little knowledge about eCom businesses. So they took me through the whole process and all, and set up my store for me and handled everything for me. Now I have an eCommerce Business making 5-figures per day and they are still working with me to this day. I recommend anyone reading this to join in on their program.”

– José P.

“Best Investmnet ever. I was hesitant at first but investing in Trend Hijackers was the best decision ever. I’ve made about 3x of what I invested when onboarding with them and am really happy.”

-Mia D.

You’ve probably heard – and seen – it all before…

The sales pitches…

The endless listing rants on this website…

And the overpriced businesses that are more of a liability than an asset.

Well, we’ve seen it too and that’s why we’ve decided to be a bit different in this listing.

These are all Trustpilot reviews from our past clients,

And the crazy thing is that these people got these results without having to raise a finger,

Meaning they got these even when they were out all day at work,

An important meeting,

Or even at the beach.

Some could’ve been out all week, but their businesses continued raking in real profits.

The type of business we’re talking about here are E-Commerce Businesses,

And all these people were able to enjoy an investor-level hands-off experience because they hopped on our Trend Hijacking:


Where they got:

⇒ Instant access to our expert operations team, Building, Launching & scaling an E-commerce Business for you (Doing 100% of the work on an ongoing basis).

⇒ A dedicated support team at their beck & call at all times to answer their questions and concerns – whatever those may be.

⇒ Our new, tried-and-tested, 7-Figure proprietary approach to e-commerce that has generated massive numbers in clients’ stores – like what you saw in the testimonials.

⇒ Hours and hours of case studies of us scaling e-commerce businesses from figures like $650k to $1.8M in revenue and above, just to show them what is possible with their businesses and how possible it is.

⇒ Access to our full management team taking care of their e-commerce business in their absence.

⇒ Access to funds of up to $100,000 just for upscaling their e-commerce business when they qualify, and

⇒ A multiple-figure e-commerce business generating 6+ figures every single month.

These were what they got when they decided to run a highly profitable, hands-off e-commerce business through our Automation program.

And you can get the same if you make the same decision.

Plus, if we don’t get you profitable in 60 days – or under – then we will refund your money with zero questions asked.

It’s rare opportunities like these that get people like you the success story they’ve been dreaming of

– whether it is Financial Independence, or Time and Location Freedom.

But the only thing standing between you and that success story is the next 60 seconds.

Just Book a call with us here:

Alternatively, you can Contact Us here:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +12566674677, +447522398896


You see, individuals who worked with us and got results like these didn’t put in any extra hours or effort into ensuring this business worked for them…

In fact, all they did was hop on a few calls and they were all set to go…

And the thing about this program is that we have a high success rate – I’d argue 90% – whenever we run and operate the business in your stead.

That’s pretty decent compared to the high likelihood of failure of a business acquisition
(70% to 90% likelihood of failure according to Harvard Business Review.)

Plus, if we don’t get you profitable in 60 days – or under – then we refund your money with zero questions asked.

This business is perfect for anyone trying to secure their finances, retirement, or their schedule without having to sacrifice their vital essence – time and resources

So, if you’re interested in adding a business that does 6+ figures in Monthly Recurring Revenue without having to handle any operational hassles on your end to your portfolio,

Just use the link to schedule a Discovery Session with our Team.

Property Information



Business Operation

Expansion Potential:

Our eCommerce Launch and Scale program redefines success by seamlessly incorporating our Proprietary Trend Hijacking strategies, propelling businesses to achieve multiple six figures in record time.

Through the utilization of cutting-edge marketing techniques and maximizing consumer reach, we guarantee that your products will quickly become sensations, laying a solid foundation for scalable growth.

Imagine a future where your business transcends product sales to become a fully-fledged brand.

Our unique approach not only establishes you as a trendsetter in the market but also unlocks opportunities for diversification and expanding your product lines.

By ethically driving growth and challenging conventional norms, the potential for your e-commerce venture to evolve into a household name becomes undeniable.

Moreover, our program sets the stage for strategic partnerships, collaborations, and global market penetration.

Unleash the potential of innovation, scalability, and brand-building – your e-commerce empire is poised for remarkable expansion.

Competition / Market:

Unlike the conventional route of acquiring a traditional business, our model requires minimal upfront investments, establishing itself as the most competitive path for swift and risk-free growth.

Allow us to manage the complexities while you effortlessly enjoy the rewards, highlighting why our business model holds a distinct and superior advantage over the traditional purchase approach.

Trading hours:


Years established:

Other Information

Support & training:

Enrol in our Launch and Scale Program to access unparalleled automated support. Imagine a devoted team managing everything operation including but to limited to market research, product selection, website design, copywriting, multi-platform ad launches, and even hiring – all conducted on your behalf.

We empower you to concentrate on what truly matters while we expertly navigate every aspect of your business journey.

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