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More Than Loft Ladders - Attic & Storage-Related Installation Franchise

A successful, long-running business now offers the chance to get in early as it expands across the country through franchising.


The Ultimate Career Ladder

Working as part of a franchise comes with plenty of benefits known to all. But what makes ours stand out in the crowded home-improvement sector? People always need more storage space and access to difficult areas like their lofts. That’s where More Than Loft Ladders comes into the picture!

Our franchise model has been tried & tested, refined, and developed to where we are thriving today after almost two decades of continual business success. Any questions or concerns that come your way are almost always something we’ve encountered before and can easily offer help.

What Do We Offer Customers?

Our business is known for installing loft ladders and hatches, but we offer a more comprehensive range of services, such as boarding out attics and creating usable storage spaces for homeowners. We make people’s homes feel bigger and easier to manage. On paper, it’s a simple service that requires skill and a practical approach to problem-solving that puts us in massive demand. It’s why we’ve been going for more than 15 years and have a reputation as experts in the field.


Meeting the Rising Demand

More Than Loft Ladders operates in a lucrative niche market that continues to grow. Having started way back in Bolton in 2007 installing loft ladders and hatches in homes throughout Lancashire, we’ve since grown to the point where we’re now franchising across the UK. Each franchisee will be supported and encouraged to develop their business to more than a one-van operation while offering consistent service standards.

More Than the Usual Benefits

  • A proven business model that’s both effective and the foundation of a trusted brand.
  • We give you extensive, practical training so you won’t be out of your depth. From installation techniques to business development strategies and processes that work, you’ll have access to resources that work. Your success is the bedrock of our brand’s success, so we’re always there to help.
  • Our training and support are ongoing and provided by experts. We always give you top-quality back-up and advice.
  • Our unique techniques and tools are cutting-edge, meaning you’ll never have to “make do” only with what’s readily available.
  • Marketing is critical, and we continually promote our franchisees’ presence so the public will come to you for your services.

Franchisee Requirements

Ideally, as a franchisee, you’ll have some experience in carpentry or other similar sectors. However, it is expected that a franchisee will not be “on the tools” for very long. An understanding, or even experience, of sales and marketing would be highly beneficial, along with excellent communication skills and the desire to provide nothing short of excellent customer service.