You need to evolve to stay relevant

09 September 2022

We live in a world where trends and consumer expectations are continually shifting and to succeed you have to listen and evolve. 

Lift Brands, Parent Company of Snap Fitness 24/7, Global CEO, Ty Menzies, explains how the brand has evolved to keep ahead of the competition.

When it comes to overall health, the way in which fitness is incorporated into our lives is continually changing. Early in 2021, at Snap Fitness, we instigated an extensive research project – with invaluable input from our franchisees – the results of which highlighted a new generation of key consumer needs.  

Since then, we’ve been making carefully considered developments designed to help us stand out.

Feeling welcomed 

We recognised that the way the industry presented itself was rather homogenous; a faster, harder, better mentality – whilst that built a strong business foundation, for the 80%+ who didn’t own a gym membership, it could be scary and put barriers in place to get started.

We responded to the findings of our research with our innovative, but reassuringly simple, new brand refresh.  Snap Fitness now offers the most open, inclusive, empathetic, supportive fitness experience to every member at every level, from absolute beginners to more confident workout regulars, based on a philosophy that’s all about the feeling. 

The starting point was to reflect this in our marketing and in our gym design. We’ve undergone a transformation to ensure we create welcoming and mood lifting environments focused on building a supportive community.

Enhancing experience through tech 

The use of fitness tech has rapidly risen in the last few years and we’ve recognised how integrating tech into our member proposition can positively improve how they feel about their fitness journey. 

Creating a sustainable fitness experience usually begins with outlining health and wellness goals and setting realistic actions for how to achieve them. Snap Fitness tech is designed to guide members and our ethos encourages them to be motivated by factors that improve their lifestyle in a healthy way.

Tracking progress and other key health characteristics are central to our approach. Through the Snap App and our Apple Watch programme, members are incentivised to get moving, track their progress and use credits earned to receive a future membership discount – whilst also taking some time to focus on their mind.

Prioritising Mental Health

There’s well-researched links to physical and mental health and for many, the physical results are no longer a key motivator, with mental wellness being the sole target of their fitness journey. When Snap Fitness rebranded in 2021, we took this into account. Our brand ethos focuses heavily on a holistic approach to wellness.

We are committed to a philosophy to work out “for the feeling” and this includes focus a focus on the importance of mental health. We provide members with content through that Snap App that focuses on holistic wellbeing and have also partnered with mental health organisations around the world. In the UK we’ve partnered with the Mental Health Foundation to help them raise vital funds, but also awareness of the importance of good mental health for all.

The results

Our ever-evolving Snap Fitness concept has proved to be a real winner: we now have a growing global network of 1,000+ locations and 1 million+ members in more than 20 countries. 

In the UK and Ireland, we’ve seen an impressive +6% average member growth since 2019, with new clubs achieving at least 1,200 members within the first 6-12 months. And our network is growing rapidly, we have 80+ gyms currently open and are on track to reach 100 by early 2023..

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