Rita, Coventry

09 December 2019

Auntie Anne’s prides themselves on being the biggest (and most delicious!) soft pretzel brand in the world! With over 2000 stores in more than 25 different countries there is a wealth of experience and history to help you succeed as a franchisee. In the UK and Ireland there are now 40 stores and many more in the pipeline.

Here we speak to Rita, who owns our West Orchards and Arena Park stores in Coventry and is on the search for a third location!

Describe a typical working day for you?

“Each day is very different I am a very hands on Franchisee I enjoy all aspects of the day to day running of my stores. My day typically starts from 9am I arrive at the store and the first member of staff will have already arrived and started the morning preparation. I would use this time to complete paperwork.  Around 11.30am I like to be in the store ready for lunch trade, without a doubt rolling pretzels is still the most enjoyable aspect of the job! Around 4pm I wind down from this store as they close here at 6pm as its location is within a shopping centre. I then visit the second store where I will check how there day has been and help prepare for their evening trade as this store is open until 8pm.”

What’s the most rewarding aspect of the business?

“There are lots of rewarding aspects to the business i can honestly say three years on I still enjoy what I do - nothing beats the smell of the first batch freshly baked in the morning! Although It takes a certain person to work within retail you have to be friendly and understanding but it’s also very rewarding when you have returning customer who give you great feedback.”

What would your advice be for a prospective franchisee?

“You have to make sure that it is the right business for you. The hours are long and in the beginning they don't always bring rewards instantly you have to be prepared to put the time in to learn your business. 

On a final note it’s a great business model the product is very unique. It's very rewarding owning your own business can give you great flexibility and independence. In the beginning it will be tough but once established it’s a great sense of satisfaction being your own boss.”

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