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Maplebrook Wills - Legal Services Franchise

Will writing is a recession-proof industry in which it is surprisingly easy to develop a business that brings in six figures every year.


Maplebrook Wills – The Future can be Written

Maplebrook Wills Limited is an established company with a rapidly growing client base. We help people distribute their assets according to their wishes by writing the perfect Will for their circumstances and preparing other legal documents like Lasting Powers of Attorney, Prepaid Funeral Plans and Trusts.

In 2019, Maplebrook had 700% growth!

26% of Franchisee’s business is from previous clients! This is driven by our successful income-generating referral model. That’s one out of every four clients!

Maplebrook Wills was founded as a franchise business by the Top Will Writer UK (New Leaf) 2016 & 2017 Mike Pugh and he runs the company today – as well as his own hugely successful territory.


  • Estate Planning is an £11 Billion fragmented industry
  • Over half of UK adults do not have a will, and only 1% have an LPA
  • Maplebrook uses special software worth upwards of £500,000
  • Empowering a network of will writers to earn £100k+ per annum

A recession-proof industry…

According to the Ministry of Justice, Will Writers provide an ESSENTIAL service.

Will writing is a recession-proof industry in which it is surprisingly easy to develop a business that brings in six figures every year whilst also providing a vital service.

If you have a will, your money and assets will benefit the ones you love after your death. Nearly 66% of UK adults do not have a will!

We can say with some confidence that there will always be people in the UK who need wills, so your market of potential customers will never be saturated.

Since we offer personal help and guidance, our wills start at £149. But writing a will is rarely the end of our business relationships with clients.

Because we are friendly and professional and provide our clients with useful information, we frequently identify other services they need.

Those additional services include trusts, probate, LPAs, and funeral plans. When you help provide these extras, directly or indirectly, you can boost your income by up to 40%.

It is no exaggeration to say that being a Maplebrook Wills franchisee provides you with the opportunity to generate a six-figure business.

Why Maplebrook Wills?

  • Access and training in the use Maplebrook Wills EDGE software, custom built for professional Will Writers & Estate planners. It runs your entire business!
  • Access to the Maplebrook Ecosphere including,
  • Maplebrook, our online knowledge base, including a video library filled with hundreds of hours of videos and support content
  • Maplebrook Daily Surgery (Daily ZOOM Support M-F)
  • Maplebrook ZEN Desk (Technical Knowledge Chat Feed)
  • Maplebrook Trust Talk with a Doctor of Law specialising in Estate Planning
  • Maplebrook EDGE Monthly Kaizen (改善) ZOOM with the developers
  • Maplebrook EDGE Dev Group (Software Support Chat Feed)
  • Support from the experts and the head office team
  • Ongoing help and support from the Chief Trainer or Head of Legal who is always on hand to answer any technical question you need help with
  • Exclusive territory of potential clients
  • Access to our PR, brand & marketing experts, to support you with lead generation
  • Individual landing page on the company website with leads coming directly to you
  • Corporate branded merchandise starter pack, including business cards and attestation kit
  • VOIP phone number and answering system, giving you access to the Maplebrook Wills business network
  • Access to a printer and laptop
  • Site advice on operational start-up including virtual office location
  • AFA approved
  • Royalty fees 25% (Far lower fees that most financial services networks)

What do our existing franchisees have to say?

Training & Support

“The benefits of being part of Maplebrook Wills is the intimacy of the business as a family. I know that I have the Daily Surgery support hour on ZOOM, and if I get stuck, I can get almost instant response from the ZEN Desk technical feed by Dr Paul. This means I have a business mentor, and I have a legal mentor, and that allows me to have the confidence that if I can't answer a client question immediately, that I have backup in the office to go and inquire and get the correct answers at the right time for my clients. The other bonus is that now I don’t need to do office admin - it’s all taken care of by the EDGE!” – Eunice L

Income and costs

“The pivotal thing for me was making and generating of a fixed income quite quickly which, with Mike's tutelage and the Maplebrook brand and various things we've been taught, was achievable within the first two or three months. Once I'd started implementing the systems through Maplebrook Wills I found that growth of capital in terms of meeting new clients and building a business. The trajectory was extremely rapid.” – Simon H

“Having the franchise has really had a very positive impact on my life. It gives you complete control over every aspect of your business. As soon as we started putting forward the systems that Maplebrook operate, the business began to flood in. If you were going to buy into a franchise, I would very much suggest you join Maplebrook because you'll know what all your costs are in advance. Cost is probably one of the biggest worries that most people have in setting up a business, but with Maplebrook, it's very clear and straightforward.” – Deri A

Always professional

“When clients look to purchase professional services, the two things they look for are price and competence. With the continuous professional training at Maplebrook I was easily able to earn a good living with integrity. Professionalism and Integrity: Maplebrook Wills has both of those in abundance.” – Hassan A

“True success is the ability to go through your community in a respected fashion. You get to know all your clients and you're going to establish credibility. Maplebrook provides support, training, and ongoing assistance and mentoring that will help ensure not only the franchisee's success, but the ultimate end result is a good result into the community as well.” – Mike P


Will I be trained and how long will it take?

  • Maplebrook Wills is the only national will writing company with a Doctor of Law as Head of Technical Support. You will receive the very best and most up to date Legal and Tax knowledge available. All broken down into easily understood, practical, and applicable knowledge
  • The Initial week-long training course held in Bristol includes:
  • Technical Will Writer Training
  • Technical Lasting Power of Attorney Training
  • Technical Trust Training
  • EDGE systems Training
  • Sales Presentation Skills
  • Marketing Know-How
  • Every two months there is a 2-day Trust Training session lead by Dr Paul Hutchinson, ensuring the latest in all matters Legal and Tax regarding Trust planning
  • Dr Paul Hutchinson LLB (Hons), LLM (Wales), Ph.D, Grad.PLL, F.I.P.W., F.Inst.Pa. Paul is a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Will Writers, a fully Licensed Paralegal and a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals. He sat on the panel of experts for the Legal Services Board, moderating Wills as part of the investigation into the regulation of Wills and estate administration. Paul is also an Affiliate member of STEP - The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners whose members are widely regarded as the most qualified specialists in Wills and trusts
  • Business Training, support, and daily mentoring with company founder Mike Pugh
  • The Maplebrook EDGE monthly Kaizen (改善) meeting is your opportunity to speak with the coders and developers directly
  • The Maplebrook bi-quarterly Marketing Meet-Up meeting enables you to speak with other franchisees in a town hall meeting that furthers best practice on business development
  • The monthly Trust Talk with Dr Paul Hutchinson is a one-hour ZOOM meeting with Maplebrook franchisees to discuss the latest in Trust planning. This is another opportunity to get personal feedback on cases and best practice.

What are the costs?

  • £9,330 including VAT or £7,775 plus VAT.
  • Royalty fees 30%
  • Marketing fee 2%

Network Membership package

The fee is £2,995.00 plus VAT plus a monthly service fee of £250.00 per month plus VAT.

  • Our fully branded Maplebrook franchise priced at £7,775.00 plus VAT. This now includes a laptop and printer and exclusive protected area.
  • We now offer leads which can be purchased to help launch and establish a profitable business.

What experience do you need?

  • You do not need any formal qualifications – we train you in the art of will writing, running a business, and building a client base
  • You do need excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • You do need life experience and the ability to build a rapport with a wide range of people
  • The ability to multi-task, prioritise workload and manage a busy schedule are all essential to will writing. If you have a sense of humour, that will help too!

Next Steps

Interested in building a successful business in the recession-proof industry of will writing, whilst providing a vital service to your local community?

GLOBAL PANDEMIC COVID-19: NOW more than ever people are thinking about planning their estates. These are the facts.

Get in touch to find out if your preferred area is still available.


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