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Greensleeves - Lawn Treatment Franchise

Become a franchisee with the UK's longest established and largest lawn treatment provider.

Territory Information

Total Investment:

Invest in the longest established and largest lawn treatment providers, nationwide

For more than 23 years, Greensleeves has provided top quality lawn treatments to gardens across the country. With over 100 franchises throughout the UK, and more due to launch this year, we are going from strength to strength.

Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts are recognised for delivering high-quality, affordable lawn care services.

When you join our network, you join business owners who are highly-trained experts. Based on our extensive knowledge and understanding of lawns, you will be trained to the highest-standards to run your own multi-van management franchise.

Learn how to assess customers’ lawns, professionally evaluating their condition, before deciding on the best course of action to create lush, green, healthy lawns. Build a business which customers will keep coming back to, and bring you referrals, all year round.

This is also due to the enormous potential within the lawn care market with the industry showing healthy growth at over 30%. With an estimated 18,000,000 lawns in the UK at present and growing, there is more than enough opportunity to establish a successful franchise in this sector. We have repeat business with over 90% of our customers and recommendations are the main source of new business for an established franchise.

The Greensleeves franchise triumphed in 2020 despite lockdowns......and had a record breaking year!

We recruited more new customers in 2020 than any other year in the past 5 years PLUS we also trained yet another new franchisee in January-2021 (David Gass) with 2 more joining us in February-2021!!

On top of all of this, we are anticipating that reduced travel restrictions in Spring 2021 will increase the interest in our service to even higher levels, so we fully expect 2021 to be a bumper year for the business.

Greensleeves had a record June, July and August in 2020 - averaging a 20% increase in sales on the previous year across all franchise territories. September was an all time record where sales were 45% higher than last year and made it the best month we have ever had! PLUS we were 15% up on customer numbers too. Starting in March 2021 we will have the largest marketing campaign we have ever had.

Greensleeves Achieve 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction Award

Greensleeves became the first franchise company ever in the lawn/garden sector to achieve this 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction Award.

The Greensleeves franchise opportunity

The typical job of a Greensleeves franchisee is to analyse, advise and treat their customers lawns, visiting at least five times per year to ensure the lawns are lush, green and healthy.

Even if you don’t have a background in lawn care or any previous experience running a business do not worry – all the support you need is at hand.

Our current franchise network members enjoy:

  • A profitable and cash generative business from month one
  • A defined postcode area
  • Outstanding business potential in your exclusive territory
  • An opportunity to develop a multiple van business
  • Significant growth potential for an enthusiastic franchise
  • High annual customer retention
  • A pleasant working environment
  • Excellent business support

Our Training and Support

Greensleeves franchisees receive full initial training and the ongoing back-up of a highly committed management team.

We run 8 corporate territories as our franchisees would run their businesses, so we know and understand the challenges you will face and are fully equipped to offer assistance and support.

Our in-house training and ongoing support will ensure that you are fully equipped to establish and run your business and carry out the lawn care treatments to Greensleeves high standards. The course includes an NPTC program and exam which is required by law for you to handle pesticides in a commercial situation.

The Investment:

Greensleeves offer an excellent franchise package which includes products, skills training, business and financial planning, accounts and marketing support.

Our franchise start-up package is available from just £26,950.

*Major banks can fund up to 50-70% of the cost, dependent upon your financial history.

What do I receive?

  • Launch support - A fully funded marketing launch for your lawn care business which will generate the first 100 - 200 customers as well as ongoing marketing support from our marketing partners
  • A bespoke online computer customer database - to manage and schedule your customers and Sage software to handle your business accounts
  • Equipment package - we provide all of the highest specification equipment you will need to run your business from day one
  • Initial Stock - to enable you to treat approximately the first 100 lawns you receive
  • Vehicle - on a lease contract.
  • Greensleeves Lawn Care uniform and personal protective equipment
  • Excellent initial lawn manager training at our academy with formal NPTC qualifications
  • Access to the best products available in the industry
  • FREEPHONE telephone line for marketing and customer enquiries
  • Personalised website and access to our marketing partners for marketing assistance and support
  • Capital growth potential in an expanding market with
  • little competition

What do Greensleeves look for in a franchisee?

An absolute commitment to customer service is the most important skill you will possess.

It is important to us that you have the appetite to grow a business to its full potential and maintain the high levels of customer service that we currently provide to our many thousands of existing customers.

You will be somebody who is not work shy and take on the challenges that running your own franchise business brings. Franchisees need to be able to manage a daily routine that requires a degree of semi-physical activity. You need to be flexible and self-motivated; very few business opportunities offer success without hard work, commitment and long and often unsocial hours.

What territories are available?

Greensleeves has franchise opportunities available throughout the UK.


John & James Bushrod - Anglia
John & James Bushrod - Anglia
“We found Greensleeves to be very approachable and flexible throughout the joining process. Their staff were always available to answer and deal with the many questions we had and they were and still are extremely accommodating and accessible at all times. The friendly and helpful relationship was ...
David Mason - South Lincolnshire & Newark
David Mason - South Lincolnshire & Newark
“The initial support and training were excellent and the ongoing support is there for you, but not invasive. In particular David Truby and Cheryl Harper, have been great and are, just as they appear to be, passionate and professional, with a desire to help you build the business and brand. It ...
James Crossman - Wetherby
James Crossman - Wetherby
“Once I had decided to buy a franchise I was unsure which direction to take, all became clear when I met Greensleeves. The business model is solid and combined with the experience and personalities of the head office team I knew that a Greensleeves lawn treatment franchise was for me. I love being ...
David Fortune - Enfield
David Fortune - Enfield
“After 38 years in the corporate world, I was looking for an opportunity to run my own business. I wanted a professional company that would leave me alone to get on with it but always be there to offer advice and support when it was required. With the passion, enthusiasm and honesty of David Truby ...
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How outdoor franchises can grow in 2022
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Six months on as a franchisee – Neil Grainger’s franchise journey
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British garden lovers give franchising a boost
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Greensleeves reaches a century as 100th franchisee joins
Greensleeves reaches a century as 100th franchisee joins
25 March 2021
Greensleeves is celebrating hitting the remarkable milestone of 100 franchisees, rounding off a successful start to 2021 for the lawncare company. This month, Greensleeves welcomed four new starters, including their 100th franchisee, Neil Grainger. The quartet of franchisees, who are all ...
How landscaping businesses can flourish in 2021
How landscaping businesses can flourish in 2021
07 January 2021
Despite the negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and there have been many, there have been some businesses in the outdoor sector with plenty to celebrate. Lawn care company Greensleeves achieving a record-breaking year in network turnover over 2020 is one. David Truby, MD of ...
Greensleeves welcome two new franchisees during record-breaking year
Greensleeves welcome two new franchisees during record-breaking year
25 November 2020
Despite the difficulties posed to businesses over the course of 2020, Greensleeves has welcomed two new franchisees to their network capping off a record-breaking year for the lawn care company. The new franchisees, Dan Anslow and Richard Howell, will be taking over existing territories in this ...
How customer service makes the difference
How customer service makes the difference
09 November 2020
The past six months have been difficult for franchises up and down the country, but those in the best position all have one thing in common – excellent customer service. With 56 per cent of people around the world having stopped doing business with a company because of a poor customer service ...
Latest news from Greensleeves
Latest news from Greensleeves
04 November 2020
Latest news from Greensleeves 1.     Franchise enquiries at an all time high 2.     Record months for customer enquiries too! 3.     COVID-19 Response 4.     Time saving and environment saving - reduced carbon footprint 5.     Latest franchisee to join - Craig ...
Case Studies
Interview with Jim Stewart of Greensleeves Lawn Care, Aberdeenshire
Interview with Jim Stewart of Greensleeves Lawn Care, Aberdeenshire
Franchisee: Jim Stewart  Location: Aberdeenshire  Franchise: Greensleeves Lawn Care  Why did you go down the franchise route? And why did you choose your franchise? I was immediately attracted to investing in a franchise because of the proven track ...
Interview with Karl Temata of Greensleeves, Maidenhead
Interview with Karl Temata of Greensleeves, Maidenhead
Name: Karl Temata  Location: Maidenhead  Franchise: Greensleeves  Why did you go down the franchise route? And why did you choose the Greensleeves franchise? Choosing the Greensleeves franchise route had a number of benefits; we had the peace of mind ...

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