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GoliathTech - Screw Piles Franchise

The screw piles franchise that has expanded across the US and Canada.


GoliathTech franchises are offering entrepreneurs the chance to join their big brand!

The screw piles franchise that has rapidly expanded across the US and Canada now established in the UK

About The Company

‘Simply superior!’


GoliathTech Inc. is a manufacturer and leader in the engineering, design, manufacture, and distribution of helical (screw) pile foundations. Implementation of our products extends to the field of construction via home foundations, underpinning (foundation repair), signage, decks, railway infrastructure, agricultural infrastructure, solar, and so on. Our Franchisees benefit from unequalled quality products and services!

For more than fifteen years, GoliathTech has continually developed and innovated its galvanized screw piles, so they penetrate the ground deeply and securely, no matter the project, structure, or soil. This means we guarantee every structure that uses our piles is even, stable, secure, and reliable. We are the very thing that people’s homes and other building structures stand on!

We combine strength and know-how to make each and every building project the best it can be. We undertake to bring all our customers the pillars of their projects.


As a GoliathTech Franchisee, you will be able to offer clients unbeatable products and services that are supported with multiple patents that meet and surpass building codes.

Every year, GoliathTech is ranked in the Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Franchise 500.

When you join our franchise family, we provide you with the technology, tools, and expertise of the GoliathTech brand, as well as ongoing support.

GoliathTech gives you training, sales and marketing support to help you grow your business using our products.

GoliathTech is the smart business investment that comes with:

  • An easy, extremely fast start-up
  • Superior installation
  • Territory exclusivity
  • Low investment and high ROI.

You will be your own boss but have us behind you all the way. When you join our family, we provide you with all the technology, expertise, and tools of the GoliathTech brand, as well as ongoing support.




‘Steadfast. Reliable. Precise.’

GoliathTech never stops innovating, so that you may benefit from our unequalled products and services. We fabricate 100% of our products in our very own factory, so you can be sure of the quality of what you’ll be selling your clients.

We offer a wide range of pile heads to suit any type of project. The GoliathTech engineering team regularly produces custom pile heads of any type to suit the given structure. Our franchise chain is fully protected by multiple patents.






  1. Low investment and no royalties. The franchise fee of £49,500 gives you:
    • A protected territory
    • Complete training
    • A starter-kit (hydraulic head and all tools required)
    • Branded clothes & marketing tools
    • Visual for your truck and excavator
    • Access to our in-house engineering team
    Equipment worth approximately £15,000 includes a starter-kit (hydraulic head and all tools required).
  2. Easy start-up. This business can be managed by one person only. Complete training and certification in two days at our manufacture. All you need to start is a pick-up truck or a box van, a trailer, a mini excavator, our starter kit, and our training! No complicated inventory requirements. We have flexible products & programs to meet your unique needs.
  3. Protected territory. Each territory comes with approximately 250,000 households and/or businesses. No other GoliathTech franchisee is allowed to install in your territory, so the franchisees don’t compete with one another.
  4. Complete training. Sales Training:
    • Eight hours classroom technical training.
    • Four hours of machine installation training.
    • Four hours of sales technique training.
    • Long term ongoing technical support.
  5. Marketing support. The Marketing Fund is used to maximize recognition of our brand. It also produces marketing materials and advertising programs, as well as supporting public relations, market research and other advertising, promotion and marketing activities that benefit all our Franchisees.



Franchisees must have business management experience and the financial capacity to cover the initial franchise fee (£49,500), purchase the starter kit (£15,000), as well as own a mini-excavator or skid steer, and a pick-up truck or box van and trailer.

They must also be able to cover the cost of their first two or three orders.

No large inventory is required, and this business can be run with minimal office space, sometimes even home offices.


Franchise Fee: £49,000

Total Investment: £150,000-£200,000

Minimum Investment: £64,500

Minimum Liquid Capital: £120,000 - £200,000



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