iOB Business enhance their partner centric brand

16 August 2021

iOB Business enhance their partner centric brand

Removing as many challenges and barriers to starting a successful Digital Agency is something that the team at iOB Business have a lot of experience in. The whole business model is built on providing a frictionless way for partners to grow and scale their own businesses in a digital world.

When most people are starting out in business, developing a brand identity is high on their list of priorities. This will include devising a name, designing a logo, selecting typography, choosing the right mix of brand colours etc. All of these elements take time and resources to put together.

However, iOB Business removes the need for their partners to develop their own individual brands by instead leveraging the partner centric brand that is provided from day one, namely, Stacked Digital.

This allows partners to hit the ground running and focus their energy on revenue generating activities which will actually help the Digital Agencies grow. Aside from the lead generation website, print collateral and digital resources, iOB Business are proud to announce that they have further enhanced their partner centric brand with more content.

James Mohamed, Co-Founder of iOB Business said, “Our team is focused on strengthening our partner centric brand, Stacked Digital, for the benefit of all members of our network. Today we are excited to announce we have created additional content in the form of marketing explainer videos, landing pages, lead magnets as well as enhancing the resources available in our Digital Office.

The Stacked Digital brand is a vital component of our partners Digital Agencies and with our ever expanding network now reaching all areas of the globe, we feel it’s important that we continue to invest in the brand to ensure our partners are leading the way in the marketplace.

With more exciting developments on the horizon, it’s a great time to be leveraging our partner centric brand to build a successful Digital Agency.”

The team at head office show no signs of slowing down and the additional content and resources will help iOB Business partners create a lasting impression with their clients. 

To find out more about the partner centric brand that all partners can access when they launch a Digital Agency with iOB Business, please contact a member of their team.


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