iOB Business release their accelerator programme

28 June 2021

Providing expert guidance and support to their partners is something that the team at iOB Business are fully committed to delivering. Over the last few months, iOB Business have consulted with existing partners of their network as well as their resident business coach to better understand how they can evolve their business model.


This was a detailed analysis to find out what more could be offered by the central team to help partners accelerate their performances in a time when all businesses around the world are looking to leverage the online world.


With valuable insights from their resident business coach, iOB Business are proud to announce the release of their Partner Accelerator Programme. This is a blueprint for Digital Agency success and serves as a step-by-step guide on how to scale a profitable online business.


Kamran Awan, Co-Founder of iOB Business, stated, “Today is another huge step for us as we cement our place as the most value-driven Digital Agency opportunity on the market. The Partner Accelerator Programme is something we are incredibly proud of as it’s been created with significant input from our partners.


We have essentially broken down the fundamentals of starting, growing and scaling a Digital Agency over 12 chapters with multiple ways for our partners to consume this valuable content. It’s been well received from the partners who were lucky enough to get early access and we can’t wait to hear from our wider network once they access this today.”


As iOB Business continues to invest in their business model, it’s easy to see how they are revolutionising the Digital Agency space with cutting edge technology alongside their industry leading support programmes.


To find out more about their upcoming developments, contact a member of the team at iOB Business.


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