iOB Business partners secure more clients

21 June 2021

As the digitalisation of society continues, businesses and customers are looking to interact online more than ever before. A recent study from industry analysts found that there has been over 10 years of digital change in the last 12 months alone. This points to a rapid need for businesses of all sizes to invest in technology in order to stay relevant.

iOB Business partners are at the forefront of this technology revolution by providing over 14 different services to businesses all over the world. It is this full stack of solutions that has seen partners work with clients across a variety of different industry sectors.

This week, the team at iOB Business are proud to announce that their partners have had a record month in terms of new clients secured. These clients span the full spectrum of sectors, from law firms right the way through to newer businesses focused on the medicinal benefits of CBD oils.

James Mohamed, Co-Founder of iOB Business, commented, “It’s been another hugely busy month for our partners as they have secured more clients with the range of solutions on offer within their Digital Agencies.

We recently added a number of new services to our business model, including mobile apps and pay per click advertising, all of which have been really well received by our partners and their clients.

Having spoken with a number of partners recently, this surge of new clients is only the start as many partners have strong sales pipelines already built up for the next few months. Things certainly seem as though they’ll be getting even busier in the weeks ahead.”

As iOB Business continues to invest in their technology platforms and wider business model, it gives their partner network a unique opportunity to help clients start to bounce back from the pandemic.

To find out more about their upcoming developments, contact a member of the team at iOB Business.


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