iOB Business looks to the future with cryptocurrency integration

03 September 2020

We all understand that technology is moving at a rapid pace and if you fail to innovate you will be left behind. No one knows that more than iOB Business, who made the conscious decision over 3 years ago to develop their own technology platforms to future proof their business in an ever-changing landscape.

Technology innovation is an area that iOB Business is super passionate about. With the FinTech (Financial Technology) sector growing year on year, iOB Business believed it was imperative that their technology platforms embraced new developments within the digital space.

As a result, iOB Business is proud to recognise the integration of Cryptocurrency payments within their technology platforms. With Cryptocurrencies growing in popularity as an alternative payment method, most noticeably through BitCoins, iOB Business is ahead of the curve when it comes to offering this as a payment gateway within their technology platforms.

Co-Founder of iOB Business, James Mohamed commented, “The modern-day consumer expects technology companies to push the boundaries when it comes to making their lives easier. We have integrated Cryptocurrency payments as a signal of intent as we see this payment method gaining substantial traction in the months ahead. We are firmly committed to ensuring our technology platforms evolve in line with our users’ expectations.”

With more advancements and integrations planned for the short and long term, iOB Business looks well placed to ensure it is amongst the market leaders when it comes to innovation.

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