Eazi-Sites deliver incredible results with innovative service

25 January 2022

Eazi-Sites deliver incredible results with innovative service

The team at Eazi-Sites have supplied 300+ entrepreneurs with the technology and knowledge to help local businesses thrive.

Current partner Neil Greer describes how straight forward Eazi-Sites technology is, saying “I had my first website built for me and since then I’ve built a landing page for a campaign I was running and also a landing page for a client. These are pre-built on simple templates and are easy to edit. I did struggle to get the clients page to work well on mobile but the Eazi-Sites support were brilliant as usual and fixed everything.”

When asked about what interested him in the Eazi-Sites opportunity, Neil said “I could see that there was an opportunity in the market but didn’t know how to become involved until I saw the Eazi-Sites opportunity. I arranged a meeting, met Zak, who I really liked and when he showed me how easy it was to build a website, I pretty much signed up there and then. I love the ability to run my own business how I like but more importantly it’s backed up with all the support from Eazi-Sites, which has always been excellent. I’m now nearly 3 years into my business and I’m looking forward to a really good 2022.”

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a cost effective way of helping local businesses become truly successful then Eazi-Sites is the perfect service. 

“If opportunity does knock, build a door” – Milton Berle


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