Eazi-Sites Mentors for Every New Entrepreneur

08 July 2021

Launching a new business can be a daunting experience. Typically, entrepreneurs face huge costs when building the technology, resources and infrastructure they need to get started – these costs can be overcome by launching with a complete Business-in-a-Box opportunity like Eazi-Sites. Another huge challenge for ambitious new business owners, particularly in the technology field, is having a lack of experience. If you have never sold technology solutions to business owners, networked online or built and delivered cutting-edge websites, it may feel like a huge task to take on. 

To address this concern, Eazi-Sites provides every new partner who joins the network with a personal mentor for their first six weeks in business. Mentors brought in by the Eazi-Sites team are made up of experienced Eazi-Sites partners who have been successfully running their website businesses for a minimum of two years. As part of a comprehensive training programme, the 1-2-1 mentoring is designed to provide flexible and tailored guidance on all aspects of running a profitable website business. Mentors help new partners with the technology platforms, recommended routes to market, using the provided marketing tools effectively, putting proposals together and onboarding new clients. 

Eazi-Sites partner, Isabel G, said, ‘The mentoring really helped me over the first 6 weeks. My mentor was highly experienced and he literally guided me through the entire process of getting my first few clients on board. It made launching my business far less daunting.’

The Eazi-Sites business opportunity includes everything required to launch a dynamic technology business, giving partners the chance to join a 300 strong worldwide network and produce ultra-modern websites with powerful functionality.

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