Eazi-Sites’ Development Team Expands

05 October 2020

After one of the busiest periods in Eazi-Sites’ history, an increase in demand for website builds fulfilled by the central development team has introduced a need for further growth. Eazi-Sites partners, in the most part, build cutting-edge websites for their clients themselves, after going through the comprehensive training programme. However, during periods of growth and high demand, partners may opt to have their clients’ sites built by the developers at head office. The latest addition to the team is Iqra Najeeb, a qualified developer with many years’ experience in coding front-end development projects and web design for medium and large clients worldwide.

As part of the Eazi-Sites business opportunity, partners are provided with sophisticated web-design technology which is user-focused and intuitive, containing a vast library of pre-built features and widgets. Partners are also taken through live hands-on training, personal mentoring and online courses to become proficient at using the innovative platform. They are also provided with a fully branded business, including comprehensive marketing resources and a promotional website. Importantly also, access to a Technical Support team to utilise as a ‘back-office’ is included. This provides Eazi-Sites network members with a team of experts to contact when the need of help and guidance arises – the developers form an intrinsic part of this array of skilled support staff.

Head of Technical Support, Richard Osei Williams, said, ‘It is a pleasure to welcome Iqra to the team. I am certain her rich skillset will bring huge benefit to the company and our network of partners, most importantly. It is an exciting time for the industry’. Eazi-Sites continues to offer a profitable business opportunity for those wishing to enter the technology industry, with no technical experience required.

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