E-Commerce: 2020’s Business Lifeline

17 September 2020

Lockdown restrictions have hindered small business operations since early Spring, all over the world. Whilst techies previously used terms like ‘the digital revolution’ to describe the worldwide move to technology in both personal and professional dealings, the last few months have been just that; a digital revolution in the truest sense. In order to merely survive in a world with limited face-to-face interaction, businesses have raced to find digital solutions enabling them to continue engaging with their customers. Those with outdated apps and websites have had to level-up. Those without these platforms at all have had to get them in place rapidly and continue to do so. Over 25% of businesses will invest in digital solutions this year (spiceworks.com).

At the heart of the need for technology on the part of small businesses, is the ability to sell products and services online. The shopfront is no longer a sufficient customer acquisition space in a lockdown world with an already depleting high-street. Having an above average website is no longer a luxury for businesses, it is an absolute necessity. Eazi-Sites partners around the world report that being able to provide websites with dynamic, adaptive responsiveness across desktop, tablet and mobile, designed to drive more sales, has been a solid way to help businesses survive. The sophisticated Eazi-Sites e-commerce system has been at the centre of that transformation. 

The e-commerce system which is natively built into the Eazi-Sites website builder allows partners to automate the design, layout and structure of the online stores they build for their clients. With unlimited categories and products, over 100 currencies, automated tax charges, promotions, invoicing and confirmation emails, it is fast and easy. Eazi-Sites has a network of over 300 partners worldwide, offering these solutions to businesses and have seen professionally built e-commerce stores from a multitude of industries go live and transform sales activity. 

Eazi-Sites provides everything required to launch a technology business with no previous experience or coding skills.

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