Over £5500 Worth of Widgets Made FREE by Eazi-Sites

17 March 2020

In 2019, Eazi-Sites introduced 65 custom widgets for websites to help its network of partners deliver advanced functionality to their customers. These widgets were made available at an extra cost due to the additional coding and development required. In a continued effort to make cutting-edge technology available to entrepreneurs all around the world, Eazi-Sites has announced that these widgets will now be free to every partner. You can view these widgets here:

The total cost of these widgets is just over £5,500. They include the types of features you might find on websites owned by large corporations who have spent thousands custom designing functionality to present a sophisticated image and maximise sales online. Making this technology available to Eazi-Sites partners to provide to their small and medium business clients is a huge step, both for Eazi-Sites and the SME sector on the whole.

Commercial Director, Sid Bland, said, “Our mission is to help entrepreneurs launch technology businesses without prior technical skills and releasing these widgets at zero cost will do exactly that. We aim to give our partners maximum benefit and make it easy for them to bring more clients on-board. I am delighted to see the number of small businesses now using our solutions explode”.

These widgets include advanced search functions, video embedding carousel options with YouTube integration, quote generators and even a mortgage calculator! There are many more exciting features in this release also and other developments are soon to be announced. Eazi-Sites provides entrepreneurs with a complete Business-in-a-Box solution, including everything needed to launch and manage a profitable technology business, anywhere in the world.

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