Eazi-Sites Launches New Course on SEO

12 August 2019

Since its’ inception, Eazi-Sites has launched website development businesses for over 100 entrepreneurs around the world. The franchise-style model, coined by Eazi-Sites’ founders as a ‘Business-in-a-Box’, provides everything required to run a successful website business. The package is comprehensive, comprising world-class site-building technology, training, mentoring and a vast library of beautifully designed marketing materials and business stationery. Eazi-Sites partners set out on their journey in the technology industry with more on their mind than the obvious aspiration of achieving financial freedom; the focus is on helping small businesses compete with the bigger fish in the pond. Eazi-Sites develops training resources with exactly this in mind.

Helping small businesses compete with larger entities on the online stage is a crucial part of where the technology industry is going. Individual business owners are now learning that they need to step up their web presence – their dated, slow-loading, poor functioning websites will no longer cut it when bigger companies’ online operations are so slick. Eazi-Sites partners provide small businesses with time-effective, cost-sensible web solutions that look like the future and function cleverly, with maximising sales as the focus.

Eazi-Sites recognises that its’ network of partners needs to be able to optimise these sites to rank highly on search engines and be more discoverable, internet-wide. A complete beginners’ guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the latest addition to the sophisticated array of video courses available on the Academy – a rich online portal, available to all Eazi-Sites partners. The course covers key areas a site can be improved, from an SEO perspective, on the site itself, outside of the site, and how to develop content and keywords to transform the way it appears to prospective new customers. This is a great way for Eazi-Sites partners to develop their skillset and upscale their level of ongoing help to small businesses. Other courses on the Academy cover the technology and its’ features, sales and marketing and graphic design. The Eazi-Sites Business-in-a-Box solution is a fast route to market, to position yourself as an expert, help small businesses and dramatically increase your earning potential.

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