Louise Walsh - Birmingham

23 May 2019

What made you chose The Christmas Decorators Franchise? 

I love Christmas!

I was looking for a business that use me best skills, project management, leading teams and giving great customer service. The Christmas Decorator Franchise focuses on these key skills so it was a great fit for me.

The prospect of working very hard for 4 months with the rest of the year working at a much more leisurely pace with lots of time off also really appealed.

How was the process starting, and the support you received from the TCD team?

From the initial meeting with the Christmas Decorators Franchising team I knew this would work for me. The whole process was very open and honest and it was clear to me that I could make a good business and gain an income and lifestyle far better than in my previous jobs.

The training covered all aspects of being a Christmas Decorator from installing lights and decorations to marketing your business and health & safety.

In my first year some of the head office team came with me on our first installation which was a great support and attended sales meetings with me.

Six years later and our business is growing every year and The Christmas Decorators team are always at hand with support and advice.

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