Claire Robinson – Accentiá Northampton

22 October 2018

"After being asked many times to help people franchise their business, I looked long and hard to find someone to refer these people to, that’s when I came across Paul at Accentiá. When we met the synergy was brilliant. We had the same opinions on franchising, similar experiences and I knew I’d found the right person.

"As a franchisor myself my journey would have been made so much easier by having a franchise consultant to guide me. Although I chose Accentiá in the first place to direct people to, I wanted to help more so I approached Paul about the franchise opportunity, it seemed perfect for me, there is a great team at the head office to follow up on the leads and my job is to interview business owners who want to franchise their business and explain how we can help them and also interview prospective franchisees for our clients, two things I love doing. Accentiá is the perfect franchise for me."

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