Snap Fitness record breaking membership levels - Membership levels increase by 14.27 percent

15 July 2021

Snap Fitness record breaking membership levels

Membership levels increase by 14.27 percent 

Snap Fitness UK & Ireland has seen record breaking membership numbers since re-opening on 12 April 2021 following the second national lockdown.  

The European Health & Fitness report conducted by Deloitte, in partnership with Europe Active, reported in December 2020 a loss in the region of 10 million members across Europe, an average 15.4 per cent.  Snap Fitness bucked this trend and saw membership numbers grow by 14.27 percent across the same number of sites against those recorded in February 2020 by the end June 2021.

It’s Snap Fitness’ belief that the challenges of the pandemic have only heightened awareness of the importance of exercise as part of an all-round healthy lifestyle – confirmed by their latest research and evidenced by their numbers.  

Membership levels have been driven by lower numbers of leavers, which the brand partly attributes to ensuring they supported members during lockdown with free access to apps and Zoom workouts.  However, they have also seen a large proportion of members who left during the lockdowns re-joining, coupled with exceptionally strong new member acquisition.  

Jon Cottam, EMEA CEO said “As expected, we have seen a larger increase in members in our out of city centre locations as people continue to work from home. As we approach the next phase in the easing of Covid restrictions on 19th July, we expect to see yet more people returning to the City Centres which will further aid our club’s growth.  However, we also believe how people think about exercise has changed and the industry has the potential to see continued positive growth – if we ensure that we adopt a more inclusive approach.”

Snap Fitness recently announced that they are increasing their focus on helping members move their moods as well as their bodies, shaking up the traditional perceptions that fitness has to be difficult.  They are on a mission “to help people create positive lifestyle habits that make them feel fantastic” and recognise that all fitness is valid fitness – whether in the gym or out of, whatever your level of fitness.

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