Lance Grew

24 October 2016

Having started my World Option franchise in 2014 I have found the experience to be both challenging and rewarding. The company is extremely IT focus and determined to offer the best web solution for businesses worldwide. World Options has taken the archaic world of shipping and propelled it way into the future. Nowhere else can you get quotes in 3 seconds and ship internationally in two clicks! With the recent introduction of Auto Dimensioning and weighing tools, World Options are a force to be reckoned with. 

The support from the customer service team is proactive, kind and extremely forgiving and there is constant training offered to keep everyone abreast of the ongoing development. The support from other franchisees is amazing too. World Options have their own company social network that allows your voice to be heard whether good or bad. I have found it easy to get help, feedback and suggestions, simply post a question and normally there is a solution within the hour. 

When I first started I had big dreams of where I wanted to be, but my dreams were not founded upon reality. A business takes effort, determination and persistence to grow, the benefit to a World Options franchise is the rewards are great! No weekend work, no seasonal or bank holiday work, 9-5 it truly is a family friendly business. We recently spent two weeks in Spain and the business didn’t suffer without me. The Portal allows shipping customers to be independent, and if they do have a question they will simply email you. If you don’t have the answer you ask the World Options customer service. I see this business paying me a wage in my old age and providing an amazing source of income for my children too. World Options has allowed me to pay off my Mortgage, extend my home and enjoy some boy’s toys too and it feels like I’m just getting started!

I would definitely recommend the opportunity. It’s not pink bunnies and fairies but the rewards are worth being consistent and persistent. The tools World Options offer are some of the best in the UK dare I say it the World! Because of this it dead easy to get people interested in the free service, the only tricky part is some red tape for the bigger companies and matching diaries for the busy SME business owners.

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