A record 700 million smartphones shipped in 2012!

16 April 2013


Here at Eazi-Apps, we believe in working with our licensees to assist them in helping to add real value to their customers. With that in mind, let us focus on some key mobile statistics that are sure to impress you!

  • A record 700 million smartphones were shipped in 2012, with the majority coming from industry heavyweights Samsung and Apple
  • There are more mobile phones in the UK than people
  • The number of smartphone searchers doubles every two months
  • Smartphone sales overtook PC sales last year (two years earlier than expected)
  • Mother’s Day 2012 – 50% of all online sales came from mobile devices
  • 11% increase in mobile searches after Christmas Day
  • 20% of all YouTube views are from a mobile device
  • In 3 years’ time, tablet sales will be bigger than PC sales
  • 16% of search queries in retail are from mobiles
  • 74% of online retailers have already, or are currently, developing a mobile strategy
  • Tablet sales growing 378% year on year
  • 53% of people in the UK are now “dual screening” (browsing the internet on their phone whilst watching TV for example)

As the above statistics show, consumers are embracing the mobile revolution at a rapid rate and this is set to grow in the coming years.

With Eazi-Apps being the definitive business opportunity for individuals looking to start their own app building business, you can take advantage of this explosive growth and start your own mobile app business.

We believe in building relationships and going the extra mile to achieve excellence. With no prior technical knowledge required, we take you through step by step on your mobile journey. Our ethos and focus is on providing our licensees with all the tools and resources to successfully run their own app building business.

Building apps is only the first stage of your business journey. As mobile marketing experts, we are looking for individuals that can work alongside businesses throughout the UK and formulate their mobile marketing strategies. From conception to adoption, our licensees add value to clients by proposing strategies that are unique to the client and ultimately will enhance their bottom line. At each step of the way, Eazi-Apps will be there to provide support, guidance and advice on a range of scenarios.

Contact Eazi-Apps today to see how you can join the Eazi-Apps family and play your part in the mobile revolution. 

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