Eazi-Apps help local businesses retain customers through digital loyalty

24 March 2022

Eazi-Apps help local businesses retain customers through digital loyalty

The team at Eazi-Apps launch an industry-leading digital loyalty feature that enables local businesses to retain customers. Local businesses will need to follow big brands and take advantage of loyalty schemes in order to remain competitive.

Digital loyalty can bring numerous benefits to a local business including;

Customer value - It is important that the customer feels that the things a local business can provide via the app are exclusive and beneficial to them.

Customer retention - 76% of consumers believe loyalty programs strengthen their relationships with brands

Brand strength - Having a loyalty program will enable customers to associate a business with trustworthiness

Help businesses beat their competitors- This provides local businesses the opportunity to enhance customer loyalty and retention. 

Eazi-Apps in-house team of specialists take entrepreneurs through every step of the process. They ensure an entrepreneur will have the know how to start offering exciting digital loyalty features with the Eazi-Apps award winning technology. 

‘A loyal customer doesn’t consider alternatives. They won’t mind paying premium for their valued loyalty. A repeat customer will consider options.’


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