Mobile Apps for Christmas – Attention is Retention.

13 October 2020

Regardless of whether it’s too early for the Christmas tree to go up or not, it’s certainly the perfect time for small businesses to start considering how best to capitalise on the festive period approaching. Whilst Eazi-Apps and their network have successfully developed 1000’s of revenue-generating Mobile Applications for businesses across the globe, there is another, often unsung benefit of developing a Mobile App for small to medium-sized business, and that is; customer retention.

As we approach Christmas, we should be aware that a combination of lengthy shopping lists and unyielding budgets mean that the regular customer shows a much higher willingness to ‘shop around’; seeking out bargains and potentially shifting loyalty as a result. A key component that the small business owners who have already worked alongside the Eazi-Apps network have benefitted from, is the ability to have around the clock access to their existing customers.

The Mobile Applications being produced by the growing tech player, come packed with revenue-generating features, many of which reward the loyalty of their users, who can make purchases instantly, via the App. Most importantly, the cutting edge ‘push notifications’ feature, offers a potential marketing strategy to small business owners like none seen before; offering the ability to send out offers, and reminders to targeted customers groups, at any stage. The Eazi-App’s network are giving empowering business owners to directly compete with the major players this festive period, and come out stronger as a result. 


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