PWAs are taking the Hospitality Industry by storm, and the Eazi-Apps Network is at the forefront of that change.

17 September 2020

For years now, businesses have sought to make use of technological solutions to improve the customer experience, increase retention rates, generate more business and thence generate more revenue. Websites have thus far been at the forefront of this culture however things are starting to change. 

Progressive Web Apps are becoming more and more popular, offering a middle ground for businesses who want to deliver effective and sleek messages, without the requirement for their customers to scroll through a detailed website, or download a permanent Mobile App. 

Hospitality is an industry that is currently undergoing revolutionary changes in regards the way customers engage with their business, companies like Starbucks, Subway and Nandos have made use of the PWA’s fast loading speeds, and non-committal style of user engagement to make online purchases even easier for loyal and new customers.

At Eazi-Apps partners are able to develop mobile apps for Apple and Android devices whilst seamlessly creating Progressive Web Apps that provide fantastic functionality on all smart mobile devices.

Progressive Web Apps will help owners push their businesses to new highs, and continue to improve the customer experience across the world.

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