Interview with an Eazi-Apps Licensee

14 October 2013

Eazi-Apps are proud to announce the roll out of their business opportunity is now gathering pace both domestically and internationally in the fastest growth market in history. Recent statistics from Google Mobile, Econsultancy and eMarketer make interesting reading in that they reinforce claims that the next frontier in technology is mobile. Some statistics to get you thinking include:

  • UK smartphone users by the end of 2013 predicted to be 30.9 million
  • By 2014, two out of three mobile phone users and 53.7% of the UK population will use smartphones
  • £5.8 billion is expected to come from UK mobile retail by 2016
  • 40% of users have turned to a competitors site after a bad mobile experience
  • Only 25% of brands have a mobile strategy in place
  • 75% of mobile searches trigger a follow up action

With this being the case, we recently sat down with one of our licensees, Tony, to discuss his experiences with Eazi-Apps as well as his aspirations for the future….

Hi Tony, can I start by asking what motivated you to join Eazi-Apps?

“I had been looking for a way in to the app industry for 12 months, I chose Eazi-Apps because it gave me a way in, with the help of an established company that shared my enthusiasm and vision. Rather than going completely solo I felt more comfortable having the back up and experience that came with Eazi Apps including a website, marketing materials, live apps and case studies.”

How did you find the conduct of Eazi-Apps during your initial enquiry, right the way through to training?

“The training was a little daunting at first however I kept up and it provided me with everything I needed to know to get started.”

Does the platform and user interface give you the flexibility and ease of use that you require?

“The platform is simplicity itself and offers many solutions and benefits for all different types of business. You just need to think outside of the box and be creative!”

How have you found the response from potential prospects for Mobile Apps?

“As you would expect, I have had lots of different responses but generally people are interested and curious to learn more.”

What strategies have worked for you in picking up new clients?

“Networking, Networking and Networking!”

What has been your greatest challenge?

“Definitely the graphics side of the business but Eazi-Apps do offer an artwork service that I could use if I wanted.”

How has the support been from head office?

“Everything that I expected and more. Extremely professional from day one.”

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of starting their own Mobile App Business?

“Go for it, its hard work but what isn't? When you start to get the customers coming through it is immensely rewarding.”

How many clients do you have in the pipeline?

“I currently have 9 businesses that have given me the go ahead and I am hopeful all of these will be published in the app stores before the end of the year.”

Finally, how do you see your journey with Eazi-Apps developing?

“The future, as they say looks bright and providing Eazi-Apps continue to develop and offer new features for me to work with; I foresee a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

With expansion not just limited to the UK, Eazi-Apps are rapidly building a global presence with operations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. All indications point to a busy 2014 for this Leicester based company.

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