H-app-Y Days!

17 May 2013


Eazi-Apps are proud to announce an optional full artwork and app build service for each licensee that is part of the network, effective immediately. Recognising that each licensee is unique and brings different skills and experiences is a key part in growing a successful network. With that being the case, Eazi-Apps hope to equip each licensee with the choice of how they approach the app building and artwork process.

Zakir Daud, Managing Director said, “We are immensely proud to roll out this additional service for the benefit of our licensee network. We understand that as a licensee it is important to have options when tackling a whole host of business decisions. By offering this hassle free service, we firmly believe that our licensee network now has additional flexibility when determining the best option for their own personal circumstances”.

In addition to the full artwork and app build service, Eazi-Apps have also launched an image service whereby licensees can request 1 off designs to use as part of their test apps that demonstrate how a business can benefit from an app.

By loading each licensee with the tools and resources needed, it is hoped that they can drive the business forward and propel Eazi-Apps to become the number 1 brand in the UK for business related apps.

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