Eazi-Apps Money Back Guarantee!

03 May 2013


Eazi-Apps have just launched a new initiative aimed at helping budding entrepreneurs join the mobile revolution with minimal risk by announcing their Money Back Guarantee!

The old adage of “something for nothing” springs to mind here. In the current economic climate, people across the world are re-evaluating their personal circumstances as well as their finances. With the mobile app market forecast to grow by over 1000% in the next 3 years, Eazi-Apps are trying to encourage as many would-be entrepreneurs to embrace the mobile revolution.

Zakir Daud, Managing Director of Eazi-Apps recently stated, “in the current economic landscape, many people are looking at additional ways to boost their income streams whilst balancing this with a low level of risk. Inspired by this, we have decided to offer all new licensees joining the Eazi-Apps network a Money Back Guarantee!”

He continued, “We are in the business of building relationships and allowing people the freedom and flexibility to dictate their working practices. By minimising the risk associated with this business opportunity, we are hoping to stimulate people to accelerate growth in the mobile market space”.

So how does this affect you?

Quite simply, we will refund the difference between what you have paid for your license fee and the money you have generated through your business operations (terms apply).  With the low risk factor and the potential high returns, this is the ideal time to become part of the Eazi-Apps Network.

This low risk franchise option is ideal for all those individuals that are willing to capitalise on the phenomenon that is known as the mobile market. With mobile phone usage increasing daily and businesses trying to connect with their customers on this medium, you can provide perfect synergy between businesses and their customer base. With the odds being stacked in your favour, can you afford not to embrace the mobile revolution?

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