200 clients! We finally did it!

18 June 2018

“Just to let you know that on Friday, I wrote up the details of client number 200 – we finally did it!

We got our first client on 22 June 2016, so its good to know we did this before our second anniversary – now Peter, my husband, wants 300 by next summer. It will be interesting to see if we can do it!

 Kind regards

Janet and Peter Grimes

Nationwide Cleaners Dorset”

Husband and wife Janet and Peter in Dorset have hit their target due to their determination as you can see from the Nationwide Cleaners franchise review above. In order to achieve next year's goal, they will seek detailed advice from Alex, the top franchisee who has 400 clients and who provides advanced training to all the branches. In response to regular questions as to why he does not want to push beyond 400 clients, Alex just smiles and replies that he is busy enough and makes enough money as it is!

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