New franchisee in Surrey

16 November 2015

Basil started recently in a large area from Guildford in Surrey to the south coast. He has already taken on his first clients and has achieved very positive reviews from them for his service.

Although his area is quite rural with scattered towns, he rarely has to travel far as the contact with clients and cleaners is by phone and to a lesser extent by email. He certainly does not need to battle rush hour traffic and is enjoying his work/life balance. His clients are mainly the elderly, who he is providing an important service to and assisting them remaining in their own homes, and couples who both work.

When initially choosing a franchise, he arranged a 2 hour meeting with Peter, the franchisor, and spoke to several existing franchisees. He is looking forward to expanding to towns which he has hardly touched yet in his 200,000 house territory and is convinced his business has great potential.

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