20 Territories Sold So Far. Husse UK are Ahead Of Schedule!

27 March 2013

The pet industry and in particular pet food has proven to be a recession free business in the UK.  The industry is currently valued at over £4.5bn and has seen a huge increase in demand for dry food. In the last five years demand for dry cat food has seen an increase of up to 80% and dry dog food has seen an increase of 90%. In contrast to this, the sale of wet cat food per year has stayed at £550m for the last five years.  This encourages brings more and more confidence to potential investors in suppliers of super premium pet food, such as Husse.

Husse’s Global Success 

Husse's business model has been proven a successful one for the past 25 years.  Hence, Husse are now established in over 40 countries.  Husse is currently the global leader in pet food home delivery services and for the past five years has grown at an incredible rate of 20% per year, for a large company to grow like this through the recession shows the Husse business model is suited to any market.

The main reason behind our success is Husse’s product line. All are chemical free, rich on neutraceutical components and are very tasty.  Husse pet food products are produced in an EU regulated factory and we offer taste guarantees to the customer.  Who can imagine a company which takes this reliable approach to producing pet foods? 

Husse UK Success

Since we started trading in the UK last July, Husse UK have already sold 20 territories.  In the history of Husse no other country has established itself so fast.  One of the main reasons investors has chosen Husse UK is due to our business model & business strategy.  Our strategy includes B2C, B2B, Online & telesales; this allows Husse UK to maximise the current potential of the market.  Our business structure and support play a key role in the foundation and success of each Husse franchise.  We support all our franchisees continuously in penetrating your local B2B market via our affiliate or distributor scheme.  The pet service industry is as strong as ever and we are building links with breeders, groomers, walkers, trainers as well as others across the country.  We take care of the online side of the business as we have an in-house digital marketing executive, even though we are not an online company. We are working hard to increase Husse’s exposure over the internet and there are many exciting things in prospect.  Most notably, Husse UK is officially working with Affiliate Window, the market leader in the affiliate marketing industry. This approach to business allows you to focus on building your business in your community with our continuous support behind the scenes.

Husse UK Support 

Our support for prospective franchisees starts from our very first meeting.  As soon as you attend a business meeting with us, we do basic demographic report on your area which allows us to establish how successful your territory can be.  If you choose to invest with us & we feel you have what it takes to represent Husse, we will then do a demographic report by postcode. This allows you to choose the territorial area & more importantly know where your customers will be.

The next step we take together is training as our business is based on Knowledge.  We do not permit you to trade until you are fully knowledgeable and can earn the trust of your customers, this has been the Husse business concept for 25 years and is a reason our customer retention is over 90%. Whilst you are focusing on training, the Husse UK team are working behind the scenes to complete your business plan.

The Husse UK business plan includes a forecast based on your investment, local competition, B2B targets, etc. we will give you a plan along with both Husse’s printed and digital manuals. Then you will have all the tools you need to make money in your local market.

Our support don't stop there, we will help you monitor your business and will always be available to offer any advice you need. 

Next 5 Years

When Husse UK launched we established a 5 year plan. We are currently ahead of this plan at the moment and will soon be able to do some exciting things which we initially planned to do much further down the line.  We are working with affiliate window and are working on multiple TV adverts which should be seen on TV by 2013 providing we continue to grow at the current rate.

The main objective of our current 5 year plan is to be the market leader in home delivery pet food service in the UK, as well as to become the biggest seller in the Husse network! 

What To Do Next

If you have not booked your business meeting or you need more information after the first meeting we very much encourage you to do that. Husse UK business meeting can be very informative & exciting as you learn about your local area but more importantly about Husse product’s and the Husse concept. Once you attend the meeting you will have complete understanding of our business.

We are proud to be an integral new part of the world leader in home delivery pet food.  If you want to be a part of this as well, take the first step by booking your Husse UK business meeting as soon as possible. Maybe you can make 2013 your year by joining Husse UK?

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