Husse reveals its secret of 30 years sustainability and success!

26 January 2018

Among several keys to success, it is the sheer quality of Husse products that makes the global leader stand out alongside other pet food delivery companies.

100% natural carefully sourced ingredients are combined by a team of top product developers to produce a range of super healthy pet foods & chemical free supplements that are second to none.

Established 30 years, zero product recall, and a 95% customer retention rate are all results of a consistent drive to maintain high standards both for service and product.

The continued success of Husse has attracted over 1100 franchise investors in over 50 countries including USA, China & Africa making Husse the global leader in pet food home delivery.

It is no coincidence that for the third consecutive year, and on top of all its other achievements, Husse won two prestigious European awards at the Top for Dog Show 2017.

These achievements have not only assured our customers that they are choosing the best for their pet, but continue to attract more and more business seekers to join and invest in Husse's franchise opportunities, knowing that a solid & secure product based business means repeat and loyal customers.

If you are looking for a sustainable business, supported by a high quality product and a strong concept, then we would like to hear from you. Our team at the Husse UK head office will be pleased to invite you to a one to one no obligation discovery meeting at a day and time which suits you.

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