Husse's Opus Ocean wins best dry food at Top For Dog 2016

06 December 2016

Husse's Opus Ocean won first place at this year's Top For Dog contest. It was this time last year that Husse's Lax & Ris won the award. Top For Dog is one of Europe's most important contests for the pet food industry and is organized by the biggest pet magazines in Poland.

During the past 30 years, Husse has been producing pet food using a unique healthy formula and high quality ingredients. Offering top quality at competitive prices always makes Husse stand out amongst other pet food delivery companies. When a franchise is based on selling products, having unique high quality products is key to the success. Our global presence and expanding group of nutritionists and researchers at our high tech production factory allows us to monitor carefully the demand of the market and each year produce new products based on market trends and demands.

Switching to Magento, one of the best online platforms, introducing new packaging along with new products to the market, not only attracts more and more customer to Husse, but also keeps our existing customers and franchisees happy and proud of being part of the Husse global family.

At Husse, when a franchisee offers pet food nutrition advice along with free samples of our super healthy Swedish pet food - it is more than likely the customer will come back and order Husse products. Husse has a %95 customer retention rate. When a pet switches to Husse, it is hard for them to use any other product. 

Husse produces a wide variety of professional products for both pet owners and pet businesses focusing on the most profitable sector - Cats and Dogs. Husse also offers supplements and care products for Horses which allows our franchisees to increase their income.

Almost all our franchisees before joining us test the quality of our products with their pets or friends and family's pets. Once tried and 100% confidence is gained, they join us.

If you are looking for a franchise business and want to be involved in a £2.6 billion industry within a recession free all year round business - we strongly recommend you to compare Husse products and our unique recipes with our competitor's products and establish for yourselves which are the most sellable.

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