Strong Growth for UK Pet Industry

21 November 2016

The pet care market enjoyed solid growth throughout the review period 2016, despite ongoing financial constraints in the aftermath of the economic downturn.

Growth was fueled by the growing trend in which consumers perceive their pets as equal members of the family which encourages them to indulge and spend heavily on their pet's health and welfare. There continued to be a marked shift from non-prepared to prepared dog and cat food during the review period, while the pet cat, small dog, small mammal and reptile population continued to grow. "Pet Care in the United Kingdom report May 2016"

An estimated 12 million UK households have pets that's 45% of the British population. In spite of economic fluctuations over the past decade, spending on pets and pet related products is growing and this upward trend shows no signs of slowing down.

In 2014, expenditure on pet care rose to approximately £6.1 billion, an increase of £1.2 billion since 2008. These figures don't just represent the basic expenses incurred by owning pets they show that our furry friends are taking prime position in the UK household and being thoroughly pampered! Brits are now spending a whopping £1 billion per year on 'treats' for their pets alone.

The health and longevity of our beloved pets is paramount. More and more, consumers are focusing on the diets of their pets and the ingredients found in pet food. Human grade meat, all natural and healthy ingredients are in demand, which has led to an opening for niche, high quality products at reasonable prices. Husse, who this month celebrated their 29th birthday, are one of the pioneers in production of super healthy natural pet food. With years of industry knowledge and a variety of 350 products, Husse offers hundreds of investors the opportunity to benefit from the lucrative pet sector and take their share of a £2.8 billon UK industry!

A pet industry franchise gives you the opportunity to gain skilled training and immediately become recognised as a trusted, professional organisation. The UK is home to 8.5 million dogs and 7.5 million cats, so the potential for growth in the industry is phenomenal.

If you are looking for a flexible lifestyle, working from home, enjoy attending various events and meeting new people, then we would like to hear from you.

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