Start Your New Year With A New Business & Receive £10,000 Start Up Support

17 November 2016

Many people consider the festive break as an opportunity to make life plans for the new year ahead. For those people seeking a profitable business with a flexible & enjoyable lifestyle, and at the same time being their own boss and working from home ­ then a Husse pet food home delivery franchise could well be the right choice.

Due to the rapidly increasing demand for healthy natural pet food over the past 5 years, Husse UK have trained over 100 pet food nutritionists in over 60 franchise territories who have delivered several hundred tons of quality premium & super premium pet food to pet owners and pet businesses all over the UK.

Husse UK has unique and generous start up support offers to attract new franchisees to available areas. Having now achieved good coverage in the UK, these offers will soon be coming to an end. If you would like to take your share of a £2.6 billion recession proof all year round business and take advantage of our current (soon to end) £6k (Gold) & £10k (Platinum) start up support offers, then please contact us today.

Our Yearly Gathering

Husse's 4th annual conference for England franchisees was held on the 1st November 2016 at the Fox and Goose Hotel in London. The day was packed with news, positive developments success stories and great initiatives. A big thanks to all those who attended.

Yet Another Satisfied Customer...

"I have been feeding Husse to my dogs including some of the supplements for the last 6 months, the improvement in their weight and behaviour has been enormous! They weren't changed over from a poor quality feed either. So husse seems a logical choice." Joanna from Derby

One of the main reasons why our franchisees have chosen to join Husse is simply down to the quality of the products. They know that besides a great concept, international recognition, 30th years' experience in the pet food industry and not one recall ­ having a high quality product is a compulsory requirement towards building a healthy & loyal customer base.

Our 95% customer retention rate is by no way an accident ­ we work hard and tenaciously to provide high quality pet foods and the best service possible to our customers.

A ffiliations & Partnerships

Husse ­ the global leader in pet food home delivery, is pleased to announce their recent affiliation with ­ Europe's leading online dog sitting and home dog boarding community.

New Franchisees

A warm welcome to our 3 new franchisees Tina, Mal & Annabel.

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