Husse Sales are on the up and UP!

17 June 2016

2015 has seen an increase over of 100% in sales

Statistics for 2015 shows a year on year growth within the Pet Industry.

If ever there is a time to be a part of a growing industry - It's now!

Along with the ever increasing rise in pet owners, we have also seen a rise in the more 'savvy and dedicated' pet owners, who only want the best for their pets.  This increase in figures has become evident in the growing high demand for our products and services.

Reputation is key for us, 'word of mouth' repeat business is the best type of repeat business, so of course we only engage in the best.   Not just the best ingredients to provide the best nutrients to our customers, we also seek the best individuals to become a Franchisee, who we can trust will continue to retain and sustain our reputation.

Continuous growth and demand, puts us in a brilliant position to now welcome applications from entrepernual individuals who not only have a passion to succeed but also a passion for animals and compassion for their owners!

If you have ever considered becoming a Franchisee,  I am sure you would have conducted research and realised, to become successful it is essential that the  quality of the product/service you provide has value, longevity and is in constant high demand.

Husse products and services are placed within a marketplace where demand is constantly rising. This is a huge benefit to any new and of course our existing franchisee's as high demands guarantees maximum profit.

A well known study has shown that in the last decade, people have become more health conscious; these lifestyle choices correlate to the pet food choices which pet owners are making for their pets.  

Now, more than ever, pet owners are making the conscientious effort to only purchase pet foods which contain; high quality human grade and, natural ingredients.  We at Husse are able to provide our existing and new customers the assurance of this high quality, because like our customers, we care about animals and their wellbeing, even if they're not our own pets! 

Healthy eating makes for a healthier and happier person - and this is the same for pets too.

We have an altruistic concern for pets, which is why we continuously seek to improve the quality and ranges of high quality nutritious ingredients within our pet foods and, luckily for us the rise of 'savvy' health conscientious pet owners are increasingly becoming aware of our ethics and health conscious products, hence our significant and continuous growth of sales since 2015.  

Below are a few links to our new high quality products releasing in 2016, happy watching!

Of course if it was easy to become a Franchisee and become a millionaire everyone, yes everyone the world and his mother would be doing this.  Well the truth is, it is easy, however only if you have passion.  Passion to succeed, passion about our product and services and most importantly compassion for our customers, let's face they will be paying our wage, and they will be happy to do so continuously, so long as we continue to provide fantastic products.  Growth means we require fantastic personalities to continue to drive this whole experience.

Interested, well why not...?  Have you got what it takes to become a Husse Franchisee, click here and let's find out .

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Husse increase its online presence by moving its web shop to Magento

Having a good online presence is one of the advantages of Husse pet food franchise. in 2015, Husse heavily invested in increasing it's online presence by moving the web shop to Magento the top e-commerce platform in 2015.  This open source, cloud-based digital commerce platform and its omnichannel solutions empower our franchisees to rapidly innovative and deliver engaging experiences to customers across all channels and devices. It will increase the income of our franchisees by providing the following features and abilities:

Powerful and unrivalled commerce platform with fast growing community
Rich and out-of-the-box functionality, enterprise performance and scale
Tailor back-end workflows to the business
Seamless integrations with third-party solutions
Boost sales with personalized content
Improve conversion with fast checkout
Layered search & navigation
Built-in responsive design
Business productivity
Hundreds of extensions
Easy to access and ensures better security for users
Mobile-friendly platform
Safe and flexible payment options
Multiple store management
Recommending products to customers
Possibility of having live chat.
Possibility to send customized newsletters to franchisee's customers.
New Franchisee in the UK

A Big hello and warm welcome to our new Franchisees in England and Scotland;

Who chose Husse to start their venture into a reliable and profitable business which now has a growing customer base who are enjoying the benefits.

Anna-Marie, Campbell, Colin & Kathy, David & Lindsey,

Joanne, Ben, Danny , Mike, Dean

Husse News and Facts: 

With Demand comes growth and expansion - Husse - leaders in pet food home delivery service operate in more than 50 countries, after opening in Scotland Husse is now moving to Wales!

Sales in England alone have increased by 173.66%.

We produce and distribute more than 800,000 tonnes of dry food globally

New and Improved online look and feel - we've moved to Magento webshop!

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