Franchise Package – Key to Your Success

14 May 2014

The franchise package is a key element of choosing the right franchise, the key to start-up, and also to long-term success. A franchise package can reduce your initial investment and can be broken down into two parts:  the initial franchise package, and the long-term franchise package. At Husse, franchisees are our business partners and our success depends on the success of Husse’s franchisees. We make our money by selling food to the franchisees.

The Initial Package :

£3,000 (RRP) Husse Products  – Having an ample supply of products is essential when starting a business, but that can be costly.New investors often do not take into consideration the full cost of launchinga business. At Husse we offer a supply of products valued at £3,000 Recommended Retail Price (RRP) as part of the franchise package. If you consider the franchise fee of £9,900 plus VAT, the Husse product package represents an immediate Return on Investment (ROI). 

Initial Training – Buying into a franchise should mean one does not need to establish best practises. Husse has developed a training program for franchisees based on 26 years of success. Very few companies can boast such long-term global success. As part of the initial franchise package, Husse offers 2 days’ initial training. The Husse training program consists of: nutrition training, sales training, marketing training, CRM training, best practises, good habits and learning from our international franchisees,etc.

Franchise Contract  – Husse franchisees benefit from operating in an exclusive area.  This means the franchisee has exclusive rights to use of the Husse brand and to sell our products in the operational area. The area is defined and protected in the franchise contract so no one else can sell a single Husse product in that franchise area. The franchise contract is renewable every five years without having to ever pay another franchise fee.

The Initial Package also includes:

  • Husse uniforms.
  • Husse tent.
  • Product catalogues.
  • Husse product samples.
  • Husse franchise digital and printed manuals containing all the operational material needed to launch and manage your business.
  • Initial marketing launch: microsite, social media page, newsletter, personalised of marketing materials, etc.
  • Vehicle branding.
  • Franchisee CRM system.

The Long-Term Package:

Ongoing Marketing Support  – Husse contributes £50 per month (deducted from the management fee) which should be spent strictly on marketing. Husse provides ongoing marketing support through in-house digital marketing, social media campaigns, e-mail marketing, lead generation, etc. We also have adhoc-based marketing support throughout the year, for example: lead generation to recruit Husse agents, discounts on Husse products to offer B2B clients, seasonal gifts for customers, etc.  

Ongoing Training  – Husse’s concept is based on knowledge, and knowledge is an ongoing process at Husse. Once a Husse franchisee has completed the initial training, the franchisee should continue with the training program established by us. After a few weeks we review the franchisee’s progress and set up another date for further training, tailored for the franchisee, before the launch. We also have monthly newsletter, national meetings, monthly educational articles, and a weekly one-to-one conversation with the Husse business development manager. This approach to business allows Husse to offer ongoing-training at no extra cost.

Credit on Product Purchase  – Husse offers 30 days’ credit on product purchases delivered to franchisee’s door step. This credit enables Husse franchisees to sell the product first and then pay for it. The 30 days’ credit commences from the day product is delivered.

Ongoing Supports also includes:

  • Business advice from our in-house professionals.
  • Monthly newsletter tailored to franchisee’s customers.
  • Personalised marketing materials or graphics.
  • Support at shows – visits, samples, sponsorship, etc.
  • In-house vet support for franchisees and to answer customer’s queries.

Book a Husse One-to-One Business Meeting Today

Husse’s success depends on the success of our franchisees.  That is why we take genuine interest in the development of our franchisees by providing ongoing support. If you want learn more about the global leader in pet food home delivery, we highly recommend that you book a Husse one-to-one business meeting at your earliest convenience.

Kind Regards,

Fahim Dewan
UK Business Development Manger

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