ATLAS: Bespoke Computer System Launched for Autosmart Franchisees

24 March 2015

In a trial run by Autosmart and ONM Systems Ltd, Autosmart franchisees were found to run their business more effectively when they used a new bespoke computer-based support system called ATLAS (Autosmart Trade Logistics and Administration System).

The ATLAS system provides franchisees with a user friendly computer programme designed to give them more control over their business needs. It operates from a tablet or smart phone device and alleviates franchisees financial and administrative functions. This gives franchisees the opportunity to increase their focus on business growth and customer satisfaction.

A total of 10% of Autosmart franchisees took part in a 6 month live trial by fully integrating ATLAS into their day to day business. Compared with best practice, ATLAS proved to increase franchisee sales, profitability and efficiency.  Franchisees reported a time saving of an estimated 1 hour a day and results from the trial indicate that ATLAS will help increase franchisee’s sales by 5%, while protecting their profit margin each year.  

“ATLAS has been great for us. It’s helped us to revisit and re-plan our routes, our margins, our prices, and it’s been one of the best tools we have taken on since I started with Autosmart.” – Ian Gosling, Northampton franchisee.

ATLAS creates computerised record cards, invoices, payment and delivery notes, stock reports and highlights if a customer and/or product has been overlooked. The system also creates more efficient journey plans based on customer locations and even calculates the profit margin per customer to help franchisees make the best pricing decisions for their business and customer relationships.

The data and customer information resides on a secure server accessible only by the franchisee and ONM Systems. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed by law for franchisees and their business.

“I am loving the weekends now as I’ve got no paperwork to do. ATLAS has reduced my book-keeping and accounting costs too. I’d never go back to paper.” – Ansar Iqbal, Blackpool franchisee

Future plans for ATLAS include launching the ATLAS system across the continent, starting with Autosmart’s franchisees in France. UK franchisees will also have a chance to take part in an ATLAS steering group to help guide the future developments.

Bill Griffiths, Head of IT for Autosmart comments:

“This coming year we plan to finish off the initial development plan for ATLAS, to save franchisees even more administration time and improve overall business performance. ATLAS will have the latest Autosmart products and pricing available to improve range and margin control. The new use of barcodes will be introduced to successfully build customer orders and will have integrated stock management and replenishment features.

“The new Steering Group will ensure that franchisees voices are heard when future development of the system is planned, and will help ensure that ATLAS remains an integral part of how we do business for the long term”.

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