Autosmart Worcester Was Born Ready!

16 November 2019

At the 2019 Autosmart conference, Chris Moseley, a young fledgling franchisee was presented with the Best Performance award in his category. Chris, or Mose as he is fondly known, joined Autosmart in the January of 2018 and has put much of his success down to following the Autosmart business model and having a positive attitude to life.

Chris Moseley, Sales Manager says, “It took an enormous amount of courage to make the decision to start my own business, it was scary and the first couple of months tested my resilience and determination. I made sure I got up and out of bed every morning with a smile (and continue to do so), followed the Autosmart model every day and when I was hit with a challenge or barrier, I never gave up.”

The award recognises the hard work, skill and determination of the Autosmart franchisee but Chris is very clear on one of the main reasons he didn’t fall at the first hurdle. Chris says, “The greatest help that I have received has been from the support of the other franchisees in the network and in particular Andy Jones, the local franchisee for Gloucester.  Having Andy around me to help and guide me was invaluable he has been through the same experience and continues to help me succeed his support has been amazing.”

When receiving his award Chris continues to say, “I felt overwhelmed when my name was called and very emotional. Before I started my business my Dad sadly passed away. I know he would have been so proud of me right now. I look forward to the future with Autosmart and to brightening up my customer’s days.”

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