Home working revolution and tax breaks mean a bright future for Schmidt franchisees

09 September 2020

The most desirable feature of a home is now an office - and Schmidt franchisees are set to benefit from the rush to install them. Better still, many home buyers will be able to fund their office with money saved by stamp duty cuts. 

Rosalyn Hastings, Schmidt's UK expansion manager, says: “A home office now tops the list of home buyers' demands, according to estate agent surveys - and Schmidt franchisees are perfectly placed to supply them.” Schmidt's 20-plus UK franchisees supply a full range of interiors - including offices - as well as kitchens and bathrooms.

Surveys show that many people now prefer working from home, so for sellers a home office makes a property more attractive. Home buyers will be adding new offices, and people staying put will be installing or revamping offices to make home working easier. It all means extra business for Schmidt franchisees.

Franchisees are seeing extra customer interest in the brand’s range of fitted designer furniture, such as desks, cupboards and bookcases. Customers can design their own home offices in consultation with the franchisee in one of Schmidt's showrooms, or on the Schmidt website, using its Creativ'Box online design tool. 

“They can also select from a wide choice of lighting and furniture such as office desks, chairs, stools, and tables, all of which can be personalised. They can design a home office that they can be proud to be seen in, either online or in person,” says Alice Pasteau, Schmidt Groupe product trainer.

Tax reduction means money to invest in home improvement

Property buyers can even fund the installation of their office using the savings made on stamp duty.

Stamp duty reductions, which apply until March 31, 2021, can save buyers thousands of pounds, which can be used to invest in a home office, designed with the help of a Schmidt franchisee.

This new trend provides future revenue for Schmidt franchisees to look forward to, and as customers pay for projects before franchisees order the materials, the Schmidt franchise is a positive-cashflow business.

Rosalyn says: “We are continuing our expansion plans and welcome applications from ambitious prospective franchise partners. We are looking to the future and we are seeking forward-looking people to come with us.”

You can start with just £80,000 - £100,000 in up-front capital, since Schmidt offers an interest-free loan to cover showroom fit-out and has arrangements with two UK banks to finance the remainder of the total investment of around £350,000.


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