Tutor Doctor prepare for surge in online tutoring

16 April 2020

Tutor Doctor prepare for surge in online tutoring


One-to-one tutoring programme offers e-learning capabilities as families prepare for coronavirus.

As the government continues preparations to delay the spread of Coronavirus, concerns have quickly been turning to the health and safety of students in classrooms across the nation. Medical experts have begun to coalesce around the importance of ‘social distancing’ but what does this mean for students? One global brand has reported a surge in demand for their online services, as parents recognise the need for continued education that can be delivered safely, without leaving the home.

Tutor Doctor is already recognised as the leading person-to-person, in-the-home provider of supplementary education in the UK, with nearly 80 offices across the country. It says it has seen a 120% increase in demand for its online tutoring services in the last week alone. 

Introduced in 2018, the brand’s bespoke online learning platform allows for personalised, one-to-one tuition between student and tutor with impressive functionality - which some families say adds to the overall learning experience.

“There’s now a very real concern in many parts of the UK over the spread of the virus throughout schools and colleges,” says Frank Milner, President of Tutor Doctor. “Parents, and even students themselves, have been taking proactive measures, reaching out to us to find out exactly how we can support them as they attempt to minimise the risks. For many, this is a crucial time of year with the run up to exams so it’s essential that any learning breaks, which may occur as a result of the outbreak, are plugged. Whether it’s continuing to run with the national curriculum or providing specialist revision sessions, the convenience and safety of online sessions is unmistakable.”

Under normal circumstances, Tutor Doctor education consultants assess a child’s needs based on goals, personality and learning style. Tutors then visit students at home, at a time to suit them. However, the brand's online platform offers a unique solution for the same level of personal, one-to-one tuition, directly into the home. Merging audio and visual elements from best-in-class software like FaceTime and Skype with a highly interactive Whiteboard, real-time, on-screen editing enables total immersion and connectivity between tutor and student. Participants see and hear each other’s actions as they happen which is proven to enhance cognitive learning, problem solving as well as the retention and recollection of knowledge. Unique ‘record and playback’ functionality allows sessions to be utilised like never before as revision resources and reporting tools.

As part of the government’s contingency plans, schools and other institutions would be temporarily closed in affected areas should a sudden surge of outbreaks be confirmed. So far (5th March), 15 schools are reported to have been closed across the country and at least 25 more have been sending pupils home to self-isolate. While this may be a direction taken to keep children healthy, it also interrupts children’s studies, social interaction, and academic progress which leaves families seeking alternatives.

“We’re poised and ready to react to a national outbreak,” adds Milner. “With over 36,000 tutors across the length and breadth of the country, we’re well-resourced and ideally placed to support families in this difficult and understandably worrying time.”

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